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Oct 28

Join the caravan of raw milk freedom riding moms who will deliberately cross state lines in possession of raw milk, in defiance of FDA interstate commerce and food safety law on raw milk. The moms are headed for a demonstration right outside FDA headquarters in Maryland, and will be serving milk and cookies. This symbolic action is in support of farmers across the nation who are willing to supply fresh milk to mothers across state lines, while putting their businesses at risk.

“Don’t turn us into criminals over milk,” say the moms!

Recently, the FDA has engaged in several long undercover sting operations and raids against peaceful farmers and buying clubs.

Not only are the FDA’s actions a shameful use of force, they are also a serious threat to my freedom and my family’s food supply… Moms everywhere are disgusted by the FDA making us criminals for feeding our families nutritious food just because that food happens to come from a farm in a different state!

said Karine Bouis-Towe, Founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition and Grassfed on the Hill, a local food buying club.

The Caravan will cross from PA into Maryland on Route 1 on Nov. 1st. They will then stage a massive “drink in” in front of FDA headquarters,  located at 10903 New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring.

If you want to join the caravan contact (Lizreitzig@gmail.com)! Or meet at the rally! Don’t forget your raw milk banners and writing on your windows to let the public know you support pastured, raw milk!

Speakers Include: Joel Salatin, Mark McAfee, David Gumphert, Max Kane, Michael Schmidt, Liz Reitzig and many other mothers from across the nation.

Accommodations can be found nearby. If you need a place to stay or have questions contact: farmfoodfreedom@yahoo.com

Live streaming at: http://www.justin.tv/farmfoodfreedom
Follow on Twitter and the Facebook Event Page
Media Contact: Liz Reitzig (Lizreitzig@gmail.com)

For more information about this event go to: Real Milk Freedom Riders.com

Even if you cannot attend, let’s support these courageous moms on facebook and twitter the day of the event!

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