Op Ed: World Food Prize Goes To Criminals

Op Ed: World Food Prize Goes To Criminals post image

I nearly lost it when I read about the recipients of the World Food Prize this year. They are: Robert Fraley a Monsanto Executive; Mary-Dell Chilton, founder of Syngenta Biotechnology and Marc Van Montagu, founder of the Belgium Institute of Plant Technology Outreach. These are all biotech companies that produce genetically modified organisms.

This Win Encourages More GMO Research

This prize, considered to be the Nobel Prize of agriculture ($250,000), furthers the diabolical cause of the biotech companies.

Founder of the prize, Norman Borlaug, said,

Genetically modified crops offer higher yields and more resistance to pests, plant disease and harsh weather.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

He forgot to mention the India farmers who commit suicide each year because their genetically modified crops failed.

He forgot to mention the superweeds and superbugs that are created by the pesticides that then require even more pesticide applications to the crops, (more money for Monsanto).

He forgot to mention that because of the patent on the seeds (and the oodles of money these companies make) farmers in this country are being sued by Monsanto if representatives (thugs in suits) from Monsanto find so much as a few samples of their plants inadvertently growing on the farmer’s land — with a big question mark as to how they got there.

He forgot to mention that Monsanto is out to monopolize the seed market by buying up smaller seed companies as quickly as they can.

He forgot to mention how devastating Roundup is to the soil, the animals and the environment.

He forgot to mention that studies show that glyphosate, the active ingredient in pesticides and Roundup, induces disease. Glyphosate is the worst thing that has ever happened to the earth and Monsanto, their scientists and the law makers who are in their pocket completely deny these problems.

He forgot to mention this study that show gross deformities in rats who ate genetically food.

He forgot to mention how inexact a science genetic modification actually is. It is actually far from “engineering” when you think about engineering as a very precise science. In genetic engineering, DNA is fired from the equivalent of a shot gun, into a gene in the DNA of the plant cells with absolutely no control where it will hit or what it will damage.

While they have the shotgun out, they also insert a virus and an agro bacterium that is an aggressive cancer-like cell. What could possibly go wrong?

So Much of the Food Supply is Already Damaged by Genetic Modification

In this country the soy, corn, canola, and cottonseed, crops are 90% genetically modified. Sugar beets, alfalfa (for cattle) and papaya are following along.

Other crops are becoming identified as genetically modified — recently they found GM wheat growing in fields in Oregon — leftovers from unsuccessful research in 2005.

They will be releasing the new Artic Apples soon — importantly, these genetically modified Granny Smith apples will not turn brown.

Watch out for the new genetically modified salmon — this one really will feed the world as it can grow twice as large as the old salmon — and faster. Buy wild caught salmon or don’t buy it at all.

Watch our for the new genetically modified potatoes also coming down the pike.

Bill Freese, science policy analyst with the Center for Food Safety, said Simplot’s potatoes are another of many genetically engineered crops that don’t face rigorous enough USDA or FDA testing.

In the words of Howard Vlieger from Verity Farms:

The companies that make these toxic chemicals are the same companies that make pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy drugs. So it comes full circle.

We use a chemical that is a poison to raise crops. The crops are fed to livestock. The livestock get sick and we have to call the vet who uses chemicals to treat them. The chemicals from the food and the chemicals from the treatment are now in the meat of the livestock that humans eat. The humans get sick and go to the hospital where they use chemicals to treat them. Full circle.

The mission of Verity Farms is the reestablishment and prosperity of the “Family Farmer”.  The family farmer is the only one capable of having the intimate relationship with the soil and the animals to raise a quality food product.

Far from feeding the world, these companies are hell bent on destroying the very earth we walk on.

The Solution

  • Call food companies and say you don’t want GMOs in food. Call your representatives and tell them we want GMO labeling on all food.
  • Buy organic as much as you can.
  • Buy your food from a local farmer that you know as much as you can.
  • Support the groups that support and protect local small farms such as The Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

This is a new feature where I let off some steam about events related to health and nutrition. This is where I let my inherent sarcasm rise to the surface and splinter the lunacy we call evidence based medicine. I call it Oppositional Editorial because I usually think things should be exactly the opposite of what convention says.

What about you? Do you think opposite also? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • Hannah Crum July 30, 2013, 10:31 pm

    Learn to live backwards and you will thrive =)

    • Narelle July 31, 2013, 5:51 am

      The best way to live : )

    • Kelli Maxwell July 31, 2013, 9:36 am


  • Narelle July 31, 2013, 5:50 am

    Obama, Kissinger both got world peace prizes – and we should be surprise that biotech companies get world food prizes…. Who runs these world competitions – the illuminati ?

  • TR July 31, 2013, 7:14 am

    For a long time I have liked the word ‘Alternative’. I now ask for the alternative of everything that everyone tries to feed me, whether it be through my eyes(sight), ears(sound), nose(smell), mouth(taste or digest), pores(touch) or nether regions(reproduction). I might as well add compression, knowledge and education because a stupid person makes for an easy victim and a minion. But no one is going to beat me down with fear or mental or physical beatings.
    If it buys advertisement, it might just be a lie and bad for you. All the alternatives don’t spend their money on selling the product, they spend it on the product.
    A lot of the above news saddens me but begs me to question; what other circles do these mean business’ have their money hands in? Are they the ones also making and selling plastic, oil, gasoline, metals, guns, bullets, drugs, women, children, religion, politics, war, hate and disguised and camouflaged it as prizes…

  • Kelli Maxwell July 31, 2013, 9:35 am

    Sad as it is, I am just so thankful I know the truth for MY family and that I get the chance to tell others as well. I think the very best thing we can do as consumers is buy the way we believe and teach and preach the truth to others. The more I talk to people, the more and more people seem to already be informed of GMO and the dangers. Grassroots efforts can be way more powerful than you think, despite the rediculous denial of what is REALLY going on!

  • Nadine Feldman July 31, 2013, 1:51 pm

    The world is crazy. I’m doing my best in my corner of the universe to live differently. I’m fortunate to live in a community where many of its citizens support non-GMO practices…my vegetable seeds are grown and packaged locally, and I’m starting to save my own. I’m turning my entire yard into a healthy ecosystem. It’s not much against the Goliath that is Monsanto, but I’m trying to do what I can.

  • Brittany Ardito July 31, 2013, 3:03 pm

    What a great Op Ed. This sums up everything that is wrong with GMOs and our current food system. I wish everyobody knew this.

  • Loriel @ Healthy Roots, Happy Soul August 2, 2013, 8:19 am

    great article!

  • Tony August 5, 2013, 9:32 am

    Yes! It is a problem and I don’t like it either but a lot of it is caused by environmentalist. I think that is true. Just this morning I saw a TV program about laboratory created beef for burgers. The reason was the cattle are not environmentally friendly! I guess that is why we killed all the Bison. We need a homesteading site that does not get into the evils of environmental discussion and keeps to the homestead way of life and let others decide there own fate. I don’t like the reference to sea salt (example of a pet peeve and why we should let others decide for themselves) I tasted sea salt and it was gross. I want pure salt and not salt with all the whatever in it.

  • Theresa August 5, 2013, 12:41 pm

    Has anyone ever wondered why in recent years there has been an increase in the diagnosis of ADD, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, and many other neurological diseases? It is perhaps directly linked to the “garbage” the manufacturers are putting in our daily food. Soon we will probably not be even able
    to buy contaminate-free seeds to plant our own crops.It is time for a new revolution.

  • Julie August 11, 2013, 8:22 pm

    Thanks for a well written and documented rant about GMO’s. I recently wrote to my congresswoman Tammy Baldwin here in Wisconsin during the passing of the Farm Bill. I urged her to vote against GMO practices. Monsanto is so organized and entrenched in Washington. A response to me read something like a Monsanto Manifesto. She completely bought the idea, (hook, line and sinker) that GMO’s are feeding the world and creating better food for the world. THE WORLD!! I’m going to send Tammy Baldwin this incredible rant. These Washington reps and senators are being sold a bill of goods and it’s up to the people to educate them.

    • Jill August 11, 2013, 9:13 pm

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your support. I appreciate all your comments and I’m glad to know others feel the same way.