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Jan 06

I’ve been listening in on the Unconventional Weight Loss Convention and there seems to be a key point most of the speakers are expressing. Food matters – of course eating a real food diet is very important, but there are other aspects of weight loss that are just as important.

Some Reasons to Lose and Issues Around Weight Loss

  • Obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes, stroke and heart disease
  • Diabetes can cause heart disease and stroke to occur 15 years sooner than average
  • By the year 2035 the annual cost for treating diabetes patients will triple to 366 billion dollars
  • The Standard American Diet (SAD) emphasizes carbohydrates – sugars and starches – as a fuel and energy source
  • This increase insulin levels and insulin is a fat storage hormone
  • You will need to switch to eating unadulterated real foods
  • Cravings are the product of addictive chemicals in packaged and fast foods
  • By eating these nutrient poor foods, you are starving yourself and creating a situation where you are well fed but malnourished

Find Out What Your Individual Body Needs

Each person has their own specific metabolism. If you have had years of yo-yo dieting without success, this has had a negative impact on your health, hormones and metabolism. It also has a very negative effect on your mind. The constant inability to reach and maintain your desired weight can cause you to feel like a failure and keep you from your goals.

A negative mantra that keeps telling you that you that you just can’t control yourself and that you will never lose weight no matter what you do, is the worst possible thought pattern.

The problem isn’t simply a lack of restraint. This research published in European PubMed Central indicates that it’s not entirely the person’s lack of self control that causes weight gain after weight loss, but that there are other physiological factors involved.

The obvious reason for weight regain after weight loss treatment is that participants return to inappropriate eating and exercise habits. These habits need not be as bad as pretreatment habits to cause regain, because metabolic factors may make it easier to regain after a period of dietary restriction…The pattern of relapse and regain appears to be the result of a war between the will and physiologic demands over which self-control appears relatively powerless.

Physiological issues are huge in weight management. These include metabolism, set point and hormone function, fat burning mechanisms, sugar metabolism, and the health of the gut microbiome.

Find out more about how to balance your hormones here.

What to do to Improve Your Mindset

Several of the speakers have talked about using visualization to help get over the road blocks that keep you from your goals. They have even walked the listeners through the steps to forming a positive, loving and confident visual reality that can be used to calm us and guide us through cravings and other roadblocks.

There is no doubt that positive thinking can be a tool for lowering stress and accomplishing goals. It can also aid in changing eating habits.

Here are some other things that will help:

Set realistic short term goals. If you need to lose 100 pounds, don’t start with that seemingly insurmountable goal. Start with 20 pounds. Set a time period. Losing 20 pounds in 3 to 4 months is realistic. If you lose more, even better.

Make changes slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed. Becoming overwhelmed is a number one reason to fail. Make one major change a week or more in order to get it under your belt.

After practicing your plan for a week evaluate it – is it working? How do you feel each day? How are  you managing? Can you handle it and make it part of your life? If it is not working, lower your expectations a bit, slow down. Weight management is a lifelong journey, a lifestyle that should feel comfortable.

Reward yourself – as you accomplish your short term goals – get a massage, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, etc. These small rewards are helpful when you reach your short term goals. It’s also fun and something to look forward to!

Gut Health

Gut health is most important and affects your body and your emotional/mental outlook. As I say in my talk here (that will be released in a few days) you need to get healthy first by nourishing your body with real food.

In my talk, I go into some of the foods that are critical to superior nourishment and healing. I hope you’ll come and listen!


New research is showing that part of the various metabolic problems that get in the way of losing weight are connected to the balance and diversity of your gut flora. I’ve written a lot about gut flora and that seems to be one of the keys to better health.

Interestingly, recent studies have shown that lean mice have different colonies of gut bacteria than obese mice. They found that transferring the lean mices’ gut bacteria to the obese mice, made the obese mice thin. I wonder if this can happen with humans???

Imbalances in gut flora lead to imbalances in hormones and neurotransmitters and this can lead to poor attitude. All of these important issues contribute to one’s ability to achieve a desired weight.

How to support gut health? Here, again, real food and eliminating all processed foods are key to restoring a good balance in gut bacteria.

Read more about changing your microbiome here.

There is no doubt that weight loss and weight management is a complex issue involving metabolism, physiology, habits and mental/emotional issues. Along with the obvious need to change eating habits and eat real food, are the other issues. Have you used visualization in your journey to improve your health? Leave a comment and let me know!

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