Making Bone Broth: I’m Featured on My Local News Station!

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Dec 10

Today I was featured on my local news station, News 12 Long Island, in a program called Long Island Naturally. Mary Mucci and the folks at News 12 did a fantastic job putting together this 2 minute clip!

It seems that bone broth is getting a lot of attention these days. Recently, a new bone broth window called Brodo, opened up on 1st Avenue in NYC, right around the corner from my son! I’m so excited he can go and get a takeout cup of traditionally made bone broth. It is delicious!

At the same time, I received a phone call from Mary Mucci, the host of a fantastic featured program called Long Island Naturally. She interviews people who are practicing various forms of alternative therapies, diets, holistic doctors, etc. I’ve learned a lot from her programs and have gone to several practitioners based on her interviews with them.

She was interested in bone broth made the traditional way, using all parts of the animal. Using the entire animal shows respect for the life of the animal. Additionally, the animal should be properly raised – on a pasture with access to grass, bugs, sun and the outdoors.

In this chicken bone broth I use the heads and feet as well as all the bones, joints and skin left over from making a whole chicken.

It’s so easy to make this broth overnight in your crock pot. After you strain it the next day you will have several quarts of nutrient dense, homemade bone broth to use for soups, stews and gravies.

See the show here

Here are some links to information and recipes for making bone broth:

Here is my ebook, Beyond Broth, Nourishing Homemade Paleo Soups, that shows how to make broths and wonderful soups from the broth. It’s on sale today for only $5.95!

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