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Jan 06
Kombucha Challenge

Today is the Day to Challenge Yourself

It’s time to take control of your health. Adding traditional cultured foods and beverages into your diet can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. I know for me it is very important. I made a new year’s resolution to add more fermented foods and drinks to my diet and to learn how to make them at home. In particular, I am finally drinking kombucha and I hope the Challenge will help you do the same! I hope you join me in taking this giant step forward. Let’s share information, support and recipes!

We Are Too Clean and Have Lost Our “old friends”

The beneficial bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses and even worms (read more about that here) that inhabit our intestines are our friends. They are supposed to live there, having evolved inside of us over hundreds of thousands of years. They do much for us and in return we give them home and hearth. These microscopic critters are our friends and as such must be treated with respect and generosity.

Over the course of the past hundred years, with urbanization, better sanitation, refrigeration and better living conditions, we have become more sterilized. Conventional attitudes have a firm belief in the germ theory and medicine quickly responds to the slightest sniffle with an antibiotic. We have done a good job in killing off potential pathogens, but also our beneficial bacteria as well.

Additionally, with the advent of refrigeration it was no longer necessary to ferment foods in order to preserve them. However, the symbiotic nature of our relationship with our microflora was not taken into account and most of us are depleted and out of balance, because we do not have the volume of beneficial bacteria we need.

For vibrant health we need to culture, nurture and revere our microbiome (bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, helminthes).

Join the Kombucha Challenge!

Start to drink and learn how to make this amazing functional, living beverage a part of your life. You may start at any time and be at any level of competence. Beginners are welcome as well as the seasoned kombucha fan!

My goal with this challenge is to engage as many people as possible to the health benefits of fermented foods and kombucha in particular — to teach them the simple skills that will develop their confidence to move forward in their health goals.

Make a goal

It’s all about kombucha! Start to drink a little at each meal as soon as possible. You don’t have to make it at home! You can start by buying it at your local health food store before you commit to making it at home. As with any probiotic food, start with just a little and work up the amount slowly in order to let your body become accustomed to the new food. This is a living food and some people will react to it, especially anyone with a known health problem. So don’t go and guzzle a full glass of kombucha on the first day unless you ordinarily do this!

I started several weeks ago to drink 1 – 2 ounces with my meals. I already feel a difference in my digestion! My goal is to work up to 1/2 cup at each meal and some sips in between, as I found that it helps me control sugar cravings. That’s why I’m so excited about it! You can feel the benefits almost immediately!

I’ve tried several of the flavors and have a good idea about which ones I really like best. I can’t wait until my home brewed kombucha is ready and I can start experimenting at home!

If you are already drinking kombucha perhaps your goal can be to learn how to brew it at home. We will be going over that over the 4 week Challenge period.

If you are already home brewing perhaps your goal can be to switch to the continuous brewing method or to get some of your friends involved in this Kombucha Challenge because you know it is so healthy.

Here are the Rules:

You may set one or more goals for the Challenge according to which level you would like to achieve. Please leave a comment stating your goal(s). When you publicly state your goals, you are more apt to follow through.

There is one mandatory action to be included in the Kombucha Challenge — you MUST sign up for the Komucha Challenge newsletter below. This will keep us in direct communication with new information, links and coupon codes.

Level 1: Goal is to start drinking kombucha whether it is home brewed or store bought.

Level 2: Goal is to learn how to brew it at home.

Level 3: Switch to the continuous brewing system.

Level 4: Goal is to share your love of komucha with others by inviting them to this challenge or by giving a beautiful baby SCOBY to a friend.

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In order to participate in the Challenge you must sign up for the Kombucha Challenge Newsletter which I will send to you several times over the course of the Challenge with new information, links and coupon codes.


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There will also be tons of information on my blog posts over the month of the challenge so you may want to subscribe to that as well in the upper right hand side bar (that is not required, however most of the information will be on the blog!).

Join in the Kombucha Challenge Linky

Starting Wednesday January 9, 2013 (opening Tuesday night) I will open a Kombucha Challenge Carnival for all to share their great recipes for kombucha and/ or articles about kombucha. It will be open for sharing the whole month of the Challenge. If you don’t have a blog you can share your recipes in the comments section of the linky.

Have some fun!

Know that you are providing super healthful foods to yourself and your family by adding more cultured drinks into your diet!

Where to Buy Organic Kombucha and Kombucha Making Supplies

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