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May 23

It’s happening folks — a movement has been generated that will sweep across this country with your help. It’s starting in California with the California Right to Know Campaign. These are volunteers and staff who are submitting nearly 1 million signed petitions from registered voters across the state of California to county officials, to place the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act on the Ballot for November 6.

It’s going to be on the ballot in California

California has the eighth largest economy in the world, so passing a mandatory labeling law for genetically engineered foods in California can have a huge effect and will set a precedent for other states.

The food industry will not want to have different labels for different states as this would be a labeling nightmare for them. To avoid this, many may decide not to use any genetically modified ingredients since they will no longer be able to disguise GM ingredients with words like “natural” or “all natural.”

Marketing research has shown that when consumers know there are genetically modified ingredients in a product they will not buy it. Those companies still using GM ingredients will have a hard time selling their products once they are properly labeled.

It happened this way in Europe and other countries around the world. It can happen here.

I recently told you about how bad glyphosate is

In this recent post called Roundup: Much Worse Than We Thought I outlined just how bad glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup is for the soil, the plants, and for future generations. It is really really bad. We have to stop the use of these genetically modified seeds that essentially require Roundup in order to grow.

Take Action Now!

We have a window of opportunity right now!

Now is the time to help. This movement needs money to help the coalition behind this initiative.

  • Money raised in this Million Dollar Money Bomb on Monsanto campaign will support the California Ballot Initiative and other state GE-labeling campaigns.
  • If donations totaling $1 million is reached by May 26, a coalition of benefactors will MATCH it, bringing the Money Bomb to $2 million!

Click here to donate

We Can Win

According to Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association, we can win in California because:

  • This time, we have far more scientific information and greater public awareness on our side. GE contamination is now a mainstream media issue. Monsanto has become the most hated corporation in the world.
  • This time, we have overwhelming public support. Polls show that more than 8 out of 10 voters in California want mandatory GE labeling.
  • This time, we have built the strongest coalition of concerned food consumers in history, for the exclusive purpose of passing this law.

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Invest in your future and the future of your children and grand children

What do you want to leave them with? Fresh, whole, nourishing foods that nature intended them to eat? Or contaminated, soil destroying, disease causing stalks of poison?

We can win

We have worked hard to get to this place and if we can spread the word and educate the citizens of California how important it is for them to vote on this issue, we can win.

We can win

We can take back control of what goes in to our food.

The bill has been carefully written to ensure that it will not increase costs to consumers or producers.

We can win

We can defeat the Monsanto machine that has taken over our government and representatives.

We can win

By using a ballot we bypass the corrupt officials that allowed genetically modified foods to be unlabeled for the past twenty years.

We can win

A group of “Right to Know” public interest organizations and organic companies have pledged to match the first million dollars raised in this nationwide Drop the Money Bomb on Monsanto Campaign.

So click here, and help us raise 1 million dollars to win this historic campaign! These “Right to Know” groups include:

  • The Organic Consumers Association
  • Food Democracy Now
  • Nature’s Path
  • Lundberg Family Farms
  • Eden Foods, and
  • The Organic Consumers Fund
  • Institute For Responsible Technology

We can win

Hundreds of thousands of people making small donations can help the coalition behind this initiative run a dynamic, effective campaign to bring down Monsanto and the rest of the Biotech Bullies.

So please, join us, and make a donation right now! You can donate online, by phone or by dropping a check in the mail.

Organic Consumers Association

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