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Nov 04

Wise Traditions Conference ~ Dallas, TX ~ November 11-14 2010

Dr. Pentti Nupponen will be speaking at the upcoming Wise Traditions conference in Dallas November 11 -13. He is one of many superlative speakers that will be providing unequaled learning opportunities in the nutrition world. This year the theme is Myth Busters and it is so appropriate! We learn cutting edge science at this conference with plenty of user friendly workshops and lectures packed with information that you can bring home and apply to your life the very next day! I had a chance to ask Dr. Nupponen some questions about his holistic dental practice and his upcoming lecture.

Question: How did you become interested in holistic dentistry?

Answer: I was a dental school oriented allopathic dentist for my first 18 years in dental practice. The last 18 years of my career I have been a
holistic/biologic dentist. I like the second half of my career much better, because I see patients getting healthier overall not just their teeth getting better and prettier.

Even in the dental school I disliked the mercury amalgam fillings with passion. Even though I was working directly with mercury in dental school without masks or cloves or any safety equipment the students were never given a single lecture dealing with “Mercury Toxicology”. I was never told about the dangers I was putting my patients, staff and myself into while working with amalgam fillings.

Then something happened 1993 that immediately changed my practice forever. I decided that I will never do another amalgam filling again. I stopped using the mercury amalgam fillings overnight. Next working day I announced to everyone that now we were mercury free dental office.

Question: Your lecture at the conference will be about clay. How did you become interested in clay and do you use it in your practice?

Answer: I have known about clay all my life; I just never imagined that it would become such an important part of my career and my life. My god parents owned a commercial pottery factory using clay for their pottery products. Now about 50 years latter as I was practicing holistic dentistry I had been looking for something to help my patients to detoxify after all their mercury amalgam fillings had been removed.

About 5 years ago I was introduced to clay again. After I did the “Scientific Literary Search” I realized that I had found what I had being looking for so long.
We are using the clay with patients who have periodontal diseases, intra oral lesions and who have completed their mercury amalgam removal treatment plans and are now ready to detoxify. We set up an individual program for each patient and teach them how to use the calcium bentonite clay effectively and safely.

Question: I read that the clay (calcium bentonite clay) inactivates pathogenic bacteria. What about the beneficial bacteria? Would that be eliminated as well?

Answer: When I did my scientific Literary Search in Calcium Bentonite Clays I learned that clay has two main characteristics that will answer your question here.

First, clay particle has a very high ionic negative charge. I also learned that all the different pathogenic substances, either bacteria, viruses or the most lethal toxins like mercury have positive ionic charges. The result is that those pathogenic substances including pathogenic bacteria have “Magnetic” attraction to clay.

Second, clay particle is very alkaline. Its alkalinity has been measured to be pH 9.3. Most of above pathogenic substances are acidic in nature. When you combine the two together you will neutralize the acidic pathogenic substances. We do recommend our patients also include trace minerals and probiotics in their daily intake while working with clay, just in case.

Question: How does the clay help with detoxification and healing?

Answer: Remember the strong magnetic like attraction and the high alkalinity clay particle has? Both those characteristics are acting together synergisticly to destroy and eliminate the pathogenic substances that are attacking us continuously. Clay has been used over 30,000 years instinctively by animals and people. It has been used externally as well as internally. I will give you many examples during the seminar dealing with clay and how the clay has been used for detoxification and healing in the past and how it is used today.

Question: What reactions can someone expect when using this clay?

Answer: When one takes a clay bath one may feel relaxed almost tired. It feels great. One should relax and even perhaps should have a relaxed sleep. One should drink plenty of water with some trace minerals in it and then rest. They need the rest because the clay has pulled out a lot of toxins that has being building up for years in their bodies.

If one chooses to use clay on the skin the effect can be almost instantaneous. Sometimes it will take a while. It depends on how virulent the pathogen
is that one tries to eliminate.

If one takes clay internally and wants to cleanse the GI track, its effect usually will be noticed in a couple of hours. Remember, clay acts as a detoxifier.

Question: Are there any contraindications to using this clay?

Answer: Yes, there are. If someone is taking medical doctor prescribed chemical drugs they should not use clay. The reason is that most of the medical
prescription drugs are toxic and clay will lock into the toxins and eliminate them from our bodies. That may totally avoid the desired effects of the prescription drugs.

Second reason why a person has to avoid clays is if one is pregnant. Even though historically native people used clay during pregnancy to help the pregnant women to develop and deliver healthy babies today the recommendation is to wait till pregnancy is over.

Question: Does one have to be under the care of a holistic health provider to use the clay?

Answer: No, one can purchase clay and use it but, I strongly recommend that one should work with a person who is very familiar with Calcium Bentonite
Clays and knows how to use them. Clay use needs to be monitored by an up to date practicing health care professional.

Question: Where can we get more information about the clay and where to purchase it?

Answer: My wife Margaret and I were so impressed with clay and how well it works that we started our own clay company called DermaClay, LLC.

To find out more about clay one just has to visit our webpage and explore the information available. There also are many books written about clays. If anyone wants to read my Scientific Literary Review of Calcium Bentonite Clays, one needs visit our webpage and look for the scientific and other information there.

You also asked where to purchase clay. One can get it from us by directly ordering it from our site. If you do not have a computer it can be directly ordered by phone from our office store by calling (800) 929-2876. Searching the internet one can find other clay companies as well.

Thank you Dr.Nuponnen! I can’t wait to see you at the conference!

I hope that some of my readers can join us at the conference this year! Each person has their own experience of a conference like this. For some it is a game changer. It could be for you. Each year that I attend I come away with a new perspective. Each year I learn and engage new aspects of health and healing. Take a look at the schedule of presentations. Something is there for you.

And did I tell you they feed you? They do, with amazing pastured eggs, cheeses, meats, butter — all of it — it’s all there at the conference. Click here for the menus!

And, if you do attend come say hello to me at the Bloggers Panel Friday evening. I’d love to meet you!
Click here for more information and to register:

And by the way if you are able to come on Thursday, join us for the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund Dinner Fundraiser. It’s going to be a blast!

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