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I am so excited! My friend, Kristen Michaelis has written a new book called Beautiful Babies: Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy, Breast-feeding, and Baby’s First Foods. It will be available through Amazon on March 15, 2013, but they are taking pre-orders now. You will receive the complete on-line E-Course of the Beautiful Babies Class ($199 value) by simply pre-ordering this book for a mere $16.44! You can’t beat that!

The New Go-To Book for Correct Nutrition Information

This book is the go-to book for correct nutrition information that will ensure that you prepare for pregnancy properly and have a healthy baby. This book will become the new guidelines for preconception, pregnancy, nursing and beyond. It is filled with extraordinary information that you will not get in any other book.

After reading this engrossing Beautiful Babies I was so taken with the knowledge and information in the book, I wrote some comments and sent them to Kristen. She was kind enough to include them in her blurb:

Before civilization, humans once had an innate intelligence about what was edible in their environment and how to prepare it in order to extract the most nutrition from it. Kristen Michaelis walks you through the minefield of conventional nutrition babble to the safety of what thousands of years of cultural traditions have shown: that vibrant health comes from eating what our ancestors ate—unprocessed foods from animals raised as they are supposed to live. This is correct nutrition that needs to be taught in every household and school and handed down from parents to children. This book should be required reading for all parents and those contemplating parenthood.

I’m not the only one taken with Beautiful Babies. Joel Salatin, a hero of the sustainable food movement, thought enough of it to write the foreword and said this in the blurb:

I find Kristen’s feisty spirit and mischievous humor both empowering and liberating. As a dad of two, husband of one, and grandfather of three, I covet these historically proven and normal principles for every family on earth. I wish this book had been around when my wife, Teresa, and I were starting our family.

Dr. Kate Shanahan author of Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food said this:

Kristen Michaelis can help rescue your child from the quagmire of unhealthy baby formulas, cereals, and jarred foods and teach you how to implement a nourishing lifestyle that is your child’s best immunization against illness. I see many happy babies growing up on these kinds of real foods, and I would like to see more.

If you are in your childbearing years this is one book you MUST read! I certainly wish I had this book in my hands a year or two before my pregnancy. The pre-pregnancy years are the most important years for the health of your future baby. Don’t leave it up to chance or to conventional nutrition misinformation.

The Impact of Nutrition on Your Pregnancy and Baby

  • Did you know that simple changes in your diet could increase your fertility by 60%?
  • Did you know that what you eat when you’re pregnant could affect whether or not your child grows up to need glasses or braces?
  • Did you know that increasing your intake of certain nutrients prior to pregnancy could radically decrease your chances of having morning sickness?
  • Did you know that a low-fat diet can make you 85% more likely to have infertility problems?
  • Did you know that babies cannot digest cereal and that this should never be a first food?

Special Offer

Kristen is so excited about sharing her knowledge with this book, that she is also giving away her incredible on-line Beautiful Babies E-Course (a $199.00 value!) Simply go to and pre-order the book. It will be sent to you when it is released on March 15, 2013. You will receive the E-Class as soon as you send Kristen your receipt from the pre-order.

It’s So Simple

To receive free enrollment, simply email Kristen a copy of the Amazon sales receipt to When Kristen verifies your purchase, she will email you a coupon code for the free enrollment! It’s that simple!

Pre-Order Beautiful Babies here

Be sure to send Kirsten the Amazon sales receipt to claim your fantastic thank you gift.

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  • Jaclyn September 19, 2013, 2:52 pm

    Hi there!
    I love love love your site! Your info completely jives with what I educate my clients about, and I absolutely recommend it! Thank you for doing what you do!

    I am contacting you about the ecourse special that goes along with the Beautiful Babies book. I only saw the deal a few weeks ago, and emailed Kristen, but never heard back from her. So, I’m including a copy of my email to see if you know whether or not I’d still be able to receive the amazing deal! (by the way, may I put a link to your website on mine?)
    I am so very excited about your book and your ecourse! I am just seeing the offer now, and wanted to know if you would still honor the fantabulous deal! I am a doula, health coach and prenatal yoga instructor (trying to get business up and running) and am very interested in reading your book and experiencing the course, both for my own knowledge, as well as to recommend it to everyone. I’ve read blogs that refer to your book (and love all the info so far!) and purchased Chris Kresser’s Baby Code about 2 years ago when I was pregnant, and want to take my knowledge further! Also, I have a prenatal nutrition workshop that I present from time to time and would definitely like to use your info for quotes! Here is a link to the flyer, if you are interested:

    If you would be so kind to extend this offer, I would be very grateful, as well as put links to your website on my websites (which I’ll probably do anyway, because the info is too good not to share – so many women are getting steered in the complete wrong direction and I want this to stop!).

    Also, if you will honor this, would you please include a link to where you would prefer I purchase the book (Amazon sometimes has the same item under different stores/prices).

    Thank you so very much for all your knowledge and passion!
    Jaclyn Downs