How I Manage A Busy Practice, A Busy Blog, A Family — and Still Have Time To Cook

How I Manage A Busy Practice, A Busy Blog, A Family — and Still Have Time To Cook post image

That’s what people ask me all the time. How do you manage a busy work schedule, a time consuming blog, a family — and still have time to cook without going insane? When we first started to transition to Real Food (and a grain free diet) there were not many teaching materials available. I learned by trial and error. That is no longer necessary. I’ll tell you how.

I Didn’t Know What the Right Equipment Could Do for Me

I didn’t know how to use the incredible labor and time saving equipment that is available today — most for very reasonable prices. For instance, I was using an old hand mixer and/or an electric mixer for baked goods instead of a food processor.

I didn’t have a crock pot and didn’t know how to use one. This one piece of equipment has so much use, I never put it away.

I didn’t have an extra freezer (and refrigerator) like I have now. I learned how to freezer cook and store meals this way.

These are just some of the things you will learn about in Real Food for Busy People. Lesson 1 is all about how to use these small appliances to your advantage.

The right equipment DOES make all the difference!

I Didn’t Know How To Meal Plan

I had to force myself to scribble out a few ideas for meals for the week. Inevitably, because I didn’t follow through, those meals were never made and I was left with nothing to eat.

Lesson 2 goes over how to make an effective meal plan and how to follow through with it. It also goes over how to make the most of shopping at a farmer’s market, co-op and buyer’s club (directly from a farmer). There is instruction on how to read labels at the conventional grocery store as well as how to grow simple lettuce and herbs on your patio, deck or in your garden. And so much more.

I Didn’t Know How To Make Condiments

Condiments are so easy to make — and easy to make them nutrient dense — you could and should have them at every meal. It’s easy to spend some time each month to make a bunch of condiments at once — that will last a while. This saves a ton of money and you will avoid eating the preservatives, additives and GMO’s you are trying to avoid.

Lesson 3 shows you how to make these condiments, sauces, salad dressings, marinades and compound butters in no time flat. Additionally, freezer cooking is shared as well. You will learn how to make large batchs of food and freeze some for future meals.

I Cringed At the Thought of Making Bone Broth

When I first learned that you could simmer bones for up to 72 hours I cringed. I could not imagine myself cooking something on my stove for so long. You may feel that way too.

But you don’t have to simmer bone broth for 72 hours! In Lesson 4 you will see how to make chicken stock in just 4 hours. You will see how to make broth in several different ways that are quick and easy, including perpetual broth.

In this lesson, I share how to use this wonderful broth in gravies, reduction sauces, soups, stews etc.

There is so much more to learn!

I am so excited about this class because I will get a chance to learn from some of my favorite bloggers — who are exceptional when it comes to tips and tricks in the kitchen. There is always something new to learn and it’s all here.

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About Your Instructors

We rounded up 17 of your favorite bloggers — people just like you. Busy, working moms (and dads) with families to feed. As professional bloggers and cookbook authors, we’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks on how to save time. Now is your chance to get up close and personal with your favorite bloggers in their home kitchens as they reveal their secrets for saving time in the kitchen.

And I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite recipes and tips!

Check out this awesome sizzle reel!

NEWSFLASH!! Real Food for Busy People Has Just Been Reduced to $99.00 and $69.00 for Premium Members!

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