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Apr 19

I love reading the homesteading blogs. The self sufficiency, the ingenuity, the audacity and the critters all engage my interest. I get jealous when I read about folks with large gardens and chickens, goats, cows and horses. Don’t get me wrong, taking care of farm animals is really not for me. I’m a suburban forager, remember? That said, I am hosting a new feature on Real Food Forager that will celebrate these adventurous homesteaders so that my readers and I can experience vicariously your incredible homestead. I’ll tell you how to get your homestead featured…

Send me answers to the questions below and 5 to 6 of the best photos of your homestead (with captions if possible). Also, size the photos to between 450 and 590 pixels. Send this to Jill at Real Food Forager dot com. You do not have to answer all the questions if you do not want to. I may not use all the photos and I reserve the right to edit your answers for length or content.

What is a Real Food Homesteader?

A Real Food Homesteader is someone who cares about the earth, the soil and the animals that give us food. You don’t have to have acres of prairie land to be a homesteader. You can be an urban or suburban homesteader with a tiny plot of land, a rooftop garden in a city, or a community garden. You could also be a more traditional homesteader who is concerned about organic, sustainable methods of farming or gardening, who supports pasture raised animals.

Real Food Homesteaders don’t use genetically modified seeds. They don’t use poisons on the plants and soil. They don’t feed poisoned grains to their animals.

They cook traditionally with raw dairy from grassfed animals and eggs from chickens on pasture. They shun processed vegetable oils like margarine and other processed foods. They try to buy as little packaged food as possible — growing and preserving their own instead.

Are you a person like this? Do you have an urban, suburban or rural homestead? Please share it with us.

Here are the questions:

  1. What led you to become a traditional, urban or suburban homesteader?
  2. What do you love about your homestead?
  3. What would you change?
  4. What new skills have you learned and how have you applied them?
  5. What skills would you like to learn?
  6. What animals or plants do you have?
  7. What makes you happy with your life as a homesteader?

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