Grain-Free Fried Chicken


Oct 30

GF Fried Chicken

If you are following a grain-free diet it is a challenge to prepare a dish that requires breading. I’ve tried using the almond flour but I find that it is too heavy.  Using any variety of spices that you may have on hand and good fats this recipe offers a simple and quick way to prepare fried chicken that is both healthy and satisfying. Your kids will love it!

In my low fat days I would never cook fried foods. But now that I know which fats to use for high heat cooking I am confident that this is a healthy meal. Tallow from grass fed animals a good saturated fat with plenty of vitamin D which aids in mineral absorption. It is full of CLA which is a very healthy trans fat.

Numerous studies have indicated that CLA is an anti-cancer agent that fights a wide variety of tumors, including bladder, brain, skin, breast, colon and prostate. It appears that CLA blocks initiation, promotion and metastasis — three of the four stages of cancer. Additionally, CLA has been found to lower LDL levels, and prevent bone loss. CLA has also been found to attenuate allergic dermatitis in mice.

Eating ethically and humanely raised animals for food is satisfying physically, emotionally and spiritually. In the face of rhetoric from all corners, the USDA, American Heart, etc., it is clear that animals raised on pasture offer us nutrient dense foods that are unsurpassed. Especially the fat.

Grain-Free Fried Chicken



  • Large fry pan


  1. Rinse the chicken breasts
  2. Using a sharp knife slice the breast in half horizontally so that you have two thinner cutlets
  3. Slice all the cutlets this way
  4. Sprinkle the coconut flour onto a flat plate
  5. Break the egg into a shallow bowl and beat
  6. Dredge the chicken cutlet in the egg making sure to cover it completely
  7. Place the cutlets onto the coconut flour one at a time and season with salt, garlic and any other spices to taste
  8. Dredge the cutlet in the coconut flour covering both sides completely
  9. In a large skillet melt the tallow on medium heat
  10. Place the breaded cutlets in the pan and cook until the outer edges are white and the bottom is well browned
  11. Flip the cutlets over and brown on the other side
  12. This takes about 6 -7 minutes on the first side and 5 minutes on the second side
  13. You can always cut one open to make sure they are done
  14. Serve immediately

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