Giveaway: Nourishing Eats Grain-Free Cookbook

Giveaway: Nourishing Eats Grain-Free Cookbook post image

Fresh off the press from my friend Sarah at Nourished and Nurtured, is her new grain-free cookbook called Nourishing Eats. This cookbook contains 60 nutrient-dense recipes.  This book is perfect for the GAPS Diet because 57 of the recipes are legal for the full GAPS diet.  Sarah has been posting recipes for the GAPS diet for a while now and they are great. It is also suitable for primal/paleo eating. Sarah has generously offered three books to my readers. There will be three winners!

The price of the book is very low, just $5.00. But it should be much more because it has 60 recipes. Sarah wants to keep the price very low so more people can benefit. This book can help you manage the GAPS diet, or if you are eating Paleo or Primal or grain-free in general.

To find out more about the book or to purchase the book click here.

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