Giveaway: Folks This Ain’t Normal — $25.00 Value

Giveaway: Folks This Ain’t Normal — $25.00 Value post image

If you have never read a book by Joel Salatin, now is the time to start! I’m giving away a copy of his brand new book, Folks This Ain’t Normal. Self described “Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-farmer,” Joel Salatin is fiercely intelligent and gets right to the heart of the matter. He offers solutions to many of our food supply problems that would not occur to ordinary people like you and I.With his vast knowledge and understanding of real ecology as exemplified by his success at Polyface Farm, he explains in detail why a tillage-based crop like soy depletes soil, while a grass-based system of herbivores on pasture, builds and protects soil, and is necessary for environmental sustainability.

At least one thing he says will probably piss you off — that will happen to anyone who reads this book. It’s just his out of the box thinking. But you will agree that it is not normal to have no idea where our food and water comes from, and not a clue how to safeguard their purity. That is what ain’t normal.

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