Fight Back Against Bad GMO Labeling Laws!

Fight Back Against Bad GMO Labeling Laws! post image


This week Congress will vote on HR 1599. HR1599 basically overturns democratically passed state GE labeling laws.This bill does not meet the concerns of Americans about what’s in their food. What it really does is deny states the right to pass meaningful mandatory GMO food labeling bills.

What Does HR1599 Mean?

HR1599 will:

• Establish a federal policy of voluntary labeling for GMOs that is doomed to failure
• Create a federal government bureaucracy for non-GMO labeling, usurping the private system that’s already working well, such as the non-GMO Project – I look for that label on any packaged food I might buy
• Prevent state and local governments from implementing any sort of oversight of GMO crops, even when the federal government has declined to regulate them

Monsanto representatives must be doing the happy dance. This bill will allow big corporations that make and use GMOs to continue to hide them from consumers, keeping Americans in the dark about what is in their food. It also means an end to all local or state efforts to protect non-GMO farmers from contamination, damaging family farmers and posing a serious threat to a valuable segment of the agriculture industry. (Like our local organic farmers!)

The vote on this destructive bill could occur as soon as July 23rd, so we need to act now! Please help!

States Need Autonomy in GMO Labeling

Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine have all passed labeling laws, and dozens more states are considering them.

At the local level, citizens have organized to protect non-GMO farmers from contamination by passing local bans on planting GMO crops. Many local government ordinances restricting GMO crops have been in place for over a decade, in states such as California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Just this past month, a court upheld a Jackson County, Oregon law establishing a GMO-free zone. This and numerous other state and county ordinances would be overturned by H.R. 1599.

The bill goes even further by forbidding state and local governments from any sort of oversight of GMO crops, even when the federal government has declined or failed to regulate them. Yet these local controls have been adopted in areas based on overwhelming public support, and in order to protect very valuable non-GMO agricultural industries. It is undemocratic and bad for our economy to overturn these local laws.

For instance, you may remember back in 2013 and 2014, GMO wheat was found in Oregon and Montana even though it had only been planted in test fields and never commercially developed.  Several trade partners stated that they would not take any contaminated wheat, triggering extensive testing.

Get more information on this issue here

Pre-empting the right of state and local governments to protect their agricultural industries, as H.R. 1599 would do, could severely damage portions of our agricultural industry.

The word on Capitol Hill is there are Representatives that are on the fence about this and phone calls from their constituents will be very helpful for them to understand HOW they should vote. Ultimately, they want to be re-elected so what you think really matters!

You can find out who represents you by going to or by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Look up your representatives direct phone number here.

Call them to tell them to OPPOSE HR1599.

Now call your representative and please be polite and tell them to OPPOSE HR1599 because you have a right to know what is in your food and this bill has been created to prevent you from doing so.

Phone calls matter. They do because they know that even if one constituent calls, it represents many more people that are concerned but didn’t make the call. Make the call now! Please!

Call (202) 224-3121 and tell your Representative to OPPOSE HR 1599.

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  • Tom H July 22, 2015, 7:29 am

    Good Luck! We are talking about a congress that is corrupt to the core. Asking and begging them to do the right thing is like pissing in the wind. Congress serves the very corporations that will be hurt by honest and fair GMO labeling. You don’t need to look very far to understand that congress does absolutely nothing to serve the once sovereign American People. Make phone calls til the cows come home, you will never get the United States Congress to do what is right. Both parties are thoroughly and irreversibly corrupt. If you ever want to be free again, if you ever want a food supply and water supply that isn’t toxic, you need to stop believing in Democrats and Republicans. Republicans and Democrats have been in control of the house, senate, and Presidency since the days of John Tyler and look where we are! They have failed miserably to uphold their oath to the constitution. If you want to ask traitors and thieves for better laws, well, good luck with that. What is the definition of insanity again?

    I really appreciate all that you do here, but really, asking congress to help you? You might as well take a deep dive in the shallow end of the pool. STOP BUYING THEIR POISON! STOP ASKING CORRUPT SCUM FOR HELP, IT ONLY EMPOWERS THEM.

  • pril July 22, 2015, 10:24 am

    There is a lot I don’t fully understand. so stop me if i’m wrong. Does this mean they are trying to remove the Non project labels and or giving them more hoops to jump threw? What is wrong with a label. don’t they know once more people learn about this label stuff that people will find other ways to get food. like hunt or garden. I mean it seems like a powerful way to take control of what you eat.
    so sad yet i wonder why i’m depressed. our world is sad. greed consumed it.

  • Nancy July 26, 2015, 8:39 am

    I had written my representative, Bill Posey, twice, and called his Washington and Florida numbers to let my views be known. He did vote against HR 1599. So maybe my actions helped a bit? We’ve lost the battle, but not the war. My Senators, Nelson and Rubio have been contacted, and I’ll be contacting them again before they go back into session. Hope your other readers choose to get involved rather than assuming that this is a lost cause, and therefore not getting involved. This issue is too important!