Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Annual Fundraiser!

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The Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, set up to defend the rights and broaden the freedoms of family farms and artisan food producers while protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods. This organization protects your access to farm-fresh foods like raw dairy products, humanely raised meats and artisan products. Please help.

The Mission

The Mission of the FTCLDF is to defend the rights of sustainable family farms and artisan food producers — to make their products available to consumers in a manner that protects, preserves and enhances the environment and its natural resources.

These products include but are not limited to meat and meat products, poultry, eggs, raw milk and raw milk products, fruits and vegetables, lacto-fermented foods and beverages, prepared foods, and bread and other baked goods to be sold directly to consumers without a special license or permit.

The FTCLDF protects the right of small local farmers to provide food directly to consumers without harassment from federal, state and local government officials. This also protects the rights of the consumer to buy this food directly from the farm.

That means you. If you buy fresh food directly from a local farmer, this organization protects you and the farmer from government or health officials that don’t have a clue.

This should not even be an issue, but, alas, it is, because in this country, the food industry wants you to eat their mass produced, packaged, processed foods that are making everyone sick.

I don’t know about you, but I would be lost and starving without my farmer. Let’s celebrate this wonderful organization that supports all of our local farmers should they be singled out and harassed.

The Achievements

Sally Fallon Morell has written a letter outlining the great achievements of the FTCLDF this past year. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Acquittal of FTCLDF member Vernon Hershberger on three of four criminal charges for violations of the Wisconsin food and dairy code. The acquittals on three charges of not having the proper permits enable Hershberger to continue to provide raw dairy products and other nutrient-dense foods to members of a private buyers club that leases his cows. The case sets a major precedent in distinguishing those producing and selling food to the public from those producing and distributing food through private contract. It is the greatest court victory for the raw milk movement in the United States.
  • Acquittal of FTCLDF member Alvin Schlangen on three criminal counts for violations of the Minnesota food and dairy code. The charges were related to Alvin’s delivery of raw milk and other nutrient-dense foods to members of a private buyers club, the Freedom Farms Coop, in the Twin Cities area. The victory galvanized the food rights movement with the jury’s refusal to convict someone helping others exercise their freedom of food choice.
  • Victory of FTCLDF members Randy and Libby Buchler in a Michigan Right-to-Farm case. A judge held that the farming operation of the Buchlers who raise livestock and poultry on non-agriculturally zoned land, was protected from nuisance suits (for alleged zoning violations) under the Michigan Right-to-Farm Act.
  • Favorable settlement for dairy farmers and FTCLDF members Armand and Teddi Bechard in their court case with the Missouri Milk Board, enabling the Bechards to continue delivering milk to the customers at a central distribution point. The Milk Board was attempting to limit the Bechards’ distribution of raw milk in a move that could have potentially reduced consumer access to raw milk from other Missouri dairy farms.
  • Success in representing Amish farmer and FTCLDF member Christian Zook in a criminal action brought by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which was an attempt by the Township in which Christian resides to restrict him from selling farm products to members of a private food buyers club on his farm.
  • FTCLDF members, State Representative Sue Wallis and her brother Frank Wallis led the effort to get a regulation issued ensuring the legality of herdshares in Wyoming, reversing an initial effort by the state department of agriculture to have herdshares banned.

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Receive a Gift For Your Donation

If you donate $100.00 by August 20, 2013, you will receive a copy of Sally Fallon Morell’s new book, The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care.

This book was released in February and has been flying off the shelves! Get your copy today and give to the organization that works for you and all you care for.

Check out other gift options here.

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