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Recipe From Go Grain-Free: Tomato Soup

Recipe From Go Grain-Free: Tomato Soup post image

With the cooler nights and shorter days, comes the last harvest of my tomatoes. I had so many all at once I decided to make tomato soup. Though it was never a favorite of mine, I set out to create a version that did not… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Egg Drop Soup (GAPS)

Recipe: Egg Drop Soup (GAPS) post image

Egg drop soup -- literally -- egg flower soup, has become my breakfast during the Detox Challenge and I am loving it! It is fine for Stage 2 if you leave out the seasoning and scallion and by Stage 3, you are good to go… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Beef Bone Broth

Recipe: Beef Bone Broth post image

I love to make beef bone broth in the dead of the winter. It can be such a great comfort food. However, this winter has been so warm, I never got the urge to make it. But now I need it. Bone broths are major… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Slow Roasted Chicken And Broth post image

The best way to cook a pastured chicken is to slow cook it. I have found that slow roasting in a dutch oven works really well. This will take about 3 hours to cook, but once you put it in the oven you can forget about it for a few hours. I have also found that soaking the chicken in a brine will make it more juicy and tender. Aside from having a savory and nutritious meal, you may use the bones in your crock pot for a nutrient dense bone broth. How's that for using every part of the animal in gratitude and respect?

3 Super Foods to Improve Bone and Joint Health post image

Many people ask me for advice on natural ways to alleviate joint pain and to improve their bone health. They ask about expensive supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin for their joints and minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc for their bones. My answer is usually an explanation that you can take all the supplements you want but you may not be absorbing much of it. Here are three incredibly cheap super foods that will surely support your bones and joints and will relieve joint pain.

Recipe: Dehydrated Tomatoes

What to do with the windfall of tomatoes? This year I was able to dehydrate the extras in anticipation of the long winter without tomatoes. I never buy store tomatoes at all as they have no taste, are mealy and are not organic. This year I grew a lot of tomatoes, especially the mini plum tomatoes and I have too many to eat raw. I also make tomato sauce with some, but since I now have a dehydrator, I thought I would dry them.

What could be more of a comfort food than matzoh ball soup? While it is part of the traditional meal on Jewish holidays, matzoh ball soup is enjoyed year round by many people. Also known as Jewish penicillin, it does indeed ward off the chills and aches of a cold or flu.