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Recipe: Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Frappe post image

Hibiscus flower tea is one of my favorites! It has a sweet/sour flavor that mixes well with fruits and berries. For the hot days of summer I like to try different iterations of hibiscus flower tea! When I was growing up we used to go… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Paleo Parsnip Fries

Recipe: Paleo Parsnip Fries post image

Oh how I miss french fries! Don't you? If you cannot tolerate white potatoes because they are a nightshade, or if you are following the Paleo diet you are going to love this simple recipe! These parsnip fries look and taste just like french fries… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Date Sweetened Spiced Peach Jam (SCD, GAPS, Paleo) post image

I procured some organic peaches and pondered what to do with them. Of course they are delicious raw, but I had enough to cook with. I waited until they were beautifully ripe – you always want to eat ripe fruit – so much of what… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Lemon Infused Hibiscus Flower Tea post image

The hot days of summer necessitate cold, soothing beverages that everyone can enjoy. When company comes over, iced tea is my go-to drink. It's easy to have simple, interesting, and quick drinks to serve your guests, that are not laced with the sugars, artificial flavors… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Roasted and Skinned Hazelnuts

Recipe: Roasted and Skinned Hazelnuts post image

I don't usually like to roast nuts because I don't like to heat them too much as that can damage the polyunsaturated fats. However, in the case of hazelnuts, roasting imparts a wonderful flavor that is so intense it can be diluted if you will… Click to Continue →

Why You Need to Activate Nuts and Seeds — How To Do It post image

There's been a lot of talk about soaking nuts and seeds (and grains and legumes) to neutralize the anti-nutrients that naturally occur in these plant foods. A new term that I've noticed being used is to activate them. I really like this term because it… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Onion Biscuits GF DF

Recipe: Onion Biscuits GF DF post image

Sometimes you just want to have something with dinner that isn't sweet. Something that goes with a bracing stew or steaming soup. These grain-free biscuits are flavorful and dense and taste great slathered with ghee or butter. This time of year I start making a… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Nutrient Dense Starch-Free Gravy — SCD, GAPS post image

At this time of year, savory meats and poultry are on the menu. Before I went grain-free it was easy to make a gravy from a commercial mix. Of course, it had none of the nutrient benefits of a real bone broth and it was… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain Free Zucchini Blossoms post image

I was at the Farmer's Market the other day and I noticed a box of zucchini flowers. How pretty! Just because I am grain free doesn't mean I can't have a delicacy like this! The woman at the farm stand told me to use bisquick… Click to Continue →

The Best of Real Food Summer Fare

The Best of Real Food Summer Fare post image

It's that time of the year again when Memorial Day rolls around and gives a nod to the start of summer. People have a chance to get together with friends to celebrate their freedoms and to remember those who protect them. Warmer weather brings the… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain-Free Apple Kugel

Recipe: Grain-Free Apple Kugel post image

What's a Jewish holiday without a kugel? A kugel is a baked pudding or casserole, typically made from egg noodles. The Yiddish term Lokshen kugel is used when noodles are included. I remember my grandmother talking about making Lokshen kugel. She was the best cook… Click to Continue →

5 Reasons to Juice and a Basic Juice Recipe post image

Freshly pressed vegetable juices are an important step in moving along with your detoxification. Juicing for health may be traced back to Ayurvedic practices in ancient India. Juicing is a 5000 year old tradition. Experience has shown that the juice of specific fruits and vegetables… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Beef Bone Broth

Recipe: Beef Bone Broth post image

I love to make beef bone broth in the dead of the winter. It can be such a great comfort food. However, this winter has been so warm, I never got the urge to make it. But now I need it. Bone broths are major… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Cacao Date Energy Bar (SCD/GAPS)

Recipe: Cacao Date Energy Bar (SCD/GAPS) post image

Here is a real treat for those on the SCD or GAPS diets. On these diets, chocolate is not allowed due to it's chemical composition. However, the fat component of cacao, the pure cocoa butter is entirely fat and is perfectly fine on these diets… Click to Continue →

Real Food Super Bowl Sunday: Link Love Extravaganza post image

It's that time of the year again when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around and people have a chance to get together with friends to cheer on their team. Frankly, I think they like these parties more for the food than for football. All the news… Click to Continue →