Sacred Foods

Sacred foods that traditional people ate in order to ensure healthy pregnancies and babies and general good health

Recipe: Deviled Egg Peeps

Recipe: Deviled Egg Peeps post image

It's that time of the year when you start to see those adorable candy peeps in the stores. They ARE cute but do you really want your kids to eat them? They are full of chemicals – in fact, there is nothing real in them… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Crispy Baked Kale Chips (Paleo, AIP, SCD, GAPS) post image

Well I finally joined the 21st century and bought a new TV (it's been over 15 years). To celebrate after setting it up and admiring how modern it looks, I wanted something to crunch on while watching. Since following a grain free diet, I haven't… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Chicken Liver Pate (Paleo, AIP Paleo, SCD, GAPS) post image

In addition to being the highest food source of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K2, liver is full of just about every nutrient, including high amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid and importantly vitamin B12. Liver from a clean, pasture… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Spicy Guacamole (SCD,GAPS, Paleo) post image

The fat content of avocado is incredibly healthy for a baby's growing brain and body – so much so – it should be one of baby's first foods. It's also a perfect finger food as it is soft and not a choking hazard. However, avocados… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Sparkling Pomegranate Flavored Kombucha post image

The heat (finally!) gets me craving a cool sparkling drink! Kombucha fits the bill and since I've been making my own kombucha I've settled on a favorite flavor. There are infinite varieties that you can think up and I've made many different flavors, but I… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Perfect Poached Eggs

Recipe: Perfect Poached Eggs post image

One of my fondest memories is that of my mother making me poached eggs for breakfast. It has become a comfort food for me even though I no longer put them on toast. Soft boiled eggs are so easy to digest – my mother knew… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Chicken Feet Broth

Recipe: Chicken Feet Broth post image

Chicken feet broth is made by simply adding chicken feet to filtered water with onion, celery and carrots. This makes a nutrient dense, collagen and gelatin rich broth that can be eaten as is, or used as the basis for wonderful soups and gravies. My… Click to Continue →

Recipe: New Year Fritata

Recipe: New Year Fritata post image

New Year's Day is a fun meal in my house. We make a large brunch style meal with lots of egg and fish dishes such as sustainably caught tuna fish, lox from wild salmon and herring. This fritata is my go-to dish to serve to… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Lacto-Fermented Garlic-Dill Pickles post image

What to do with all those cucumbers coming in? Make pickles! Pickles are easy to do at home and everyone loves them! Made the traditional way, by lacto-fermentation, they are a healthful addition to any meal. Cultured pickles are much better than the store bought… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Roasted Eggs

Recipe: Roasted Eggs post image

At this time of year, who doesn't need lots of hard boiled eggs? Here is a novel way to cook eggs that may help you when you have a lot of eggs to hard boil and not enough room in the pot or on top of… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Coconut Macaroons – (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Primal) post image

Macaroons are the most obvious treat for someone who is going grain-free. However, all the recipes I tried have turned out very dry and unappetizing. I've finally hit the jackpot with this one! These macaroons turn out moist and tasty every time! Macaroons were originally… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Purple Pickled Eggs

Recipe: Purple Pickled Eggs post image

With Easter just around the corner, this has been on my mind -- eggs pickled in beet kvass. I love beets and beet kvass and I thought the combination of beets and hard boiled eggs would work well. The traditional way to pickle eggs is… Click to Continue →

5 Reasons to Juice and a Basic Juice Recipe post image

Freshly pressed vegetable juices are an important step in moving along with your detoxification. Juicing for health may be traced back to Ayurvedic practices in ancient India. Juicing is a 5000 year old tradition. Experience has shown that the juice of specific fruits and vegetables… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Egg Drop Soup (GAPS)

Recipe: Egg Drop Soup (GAPS) post image

Egg drop soup -- literally -- egg flower soup, has become my breakfast during the Detox Challenge and I am loving it! It is fine for Stage 2 if you leave out the seasoning and scallion and by Stage 3, you are good to go… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Fermented Cabbage Juice

Recipe: Fermented Cabbage Juice post image

After some hesitation, I've started to drink fermented cabbage juice. I know that may sound somewhat vile, but it actually tastes very good and is an incredibly powerful food. Vitamin U is the compound in cabbage juice that has tremendous healing properties.  Much like Dr… Click to Continue →