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Recipe: Probiotic Apple, Carrot and Raisin Chutney From Get Cultured! post image

I am so excited to show you this video of Jenny from Nourished Kitchen making fruit chutney. It is from her awesome class, Get Cultured! How to Ferment Anything. The class is on sale right now through May 22. If you want to start to… Click to Continue →

5 Reasons to Juice and a Basic Juice Recipe post image

Freshly pressed vegetable juices are an important step in moving along with your detoxification. Juicing for health may be traced back to Ayurvedic practices in ancient India. Juicing is a 5000 year old tradition. Experience has shown that the juice of specific fruits and vegetables… Click to Continue →

Video/Recipe: Homemade Sauerkraut

Video/Recipe: Homemade Sauerkraut post image

This is a basic staple in any real food home. Fermented cabbage -- sauerkraut -- is a traditional food eaten all over the world. It is readily available in grocery stores, but unfortunately, most is no longer made the traditional way. Commonly, store bought sauerkraut… Click to Continue →

Video/Recipe: Homemade Yogurt (SCD/GAPS) post image

Yogurt is so easy to make at home that it is crazy to spend money on store bought yogurt. At home, you can control exactly what goes into it -- and what stays out of it -- like additives such as carregeenan, guar gum, sugars… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain-Free Thanksgiving Stuffing

Thanksgiving is a time for comfort foods and one of my favorites is stuffing. It is very simple to convert a traditional recipe to accommodate grain free eating. I cut my coconut flour bread into cubes and it tastes just like traditional wheat bread. No one will know the difference! Add all the flavors from the other ingredients and you have a savory grain-free favorite that is special on Thanksgiving, but certainly may be used any time of the year!

CranApple Sauce: Sugar-Free, SCD/GAPS

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am starting to think about what I can prepare ahead of time. Homemade cranberry sauce is one of those condiments that really add to the festive meal and it freezes well! This cranapple sauce recipe is a huge hit with those used to conventional canned cranberries that are made with huge amounts of high fructose corn syrup. It is also much healthier when you choose organic cranberries and organic apples.

If you are following a dairy-free diet it can be challenging to find something creamy to use as filling or icing. Fear not! This coconut whipped cream recipe will solve that problem for sure. It may be used as a filling or as an icing. It comes out light, creamy and as smooth as diary cream.

"How can a salad be unhealthy?" Sally Fallon Morell asks in her discussion about fats. The answer is that it can be unhealthy when it is topped with a salad dressing made with processed and rancid polyunsaturated vegetable oils like soybean oil or canola oil. These two oils which make up most commercial salad dressings are particularly dangerous because they are also genetically modified if they are not organic.

Recipe: Dehydrated Tomatoes

What to do with the windfall of tomatoes? This year I was able to dehydrate the extras in anticipation of the long winter without tomatoes. I never buy store tomatoes at all as they have no taste, are mealy and are not organic. This year I grew a lot of tomatoes, especially the mini plum tomatoes and I have too many to eat raw. I also make tomato sauce with some, but since I now have a dehydrator, I thought I would dry them.

Tomatoes are ripening in the southern and eastern part of the country and it brings to mind a craving for some rich, flavorful sauce. However, many people cannot tolerate tomatoes for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is because it is part of the nightshade group of vegetables. This group is composed of tomato, potato, eggplant and peppers and contains a chemical called solanine which may cause painful reactions in susceptible individuals.

Video/Recipe: Minute Mayonnaise

Video/Recipe: Minute Mayonnaise post image

One of the most difficult transitions to make when going to a whole foods diet or SCD/GAPS involves the condiments.  All commercial mayonnaise is made with soybean oil, even when it is called olive oil mayonnaise. Soybean oil is a highly refined oil that is… Click to Continue →