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Recipe: Paleo Pumpkin Bread for Paleo Pen Pals and a Guest Recipe post image

I was invited to participate in a paleo food blogger swap called Paleo Pen Pals. I thought that was a very cool idea so I joined up. Each month I get an email from a new penpal. We send each other a Paleo/local food ingredient… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Bacon-Mushroom Spinach

Recipe: Bacon-Mushroom Spinach post image

I used to eat raw spinach salads frequently. However, I learned that raw spinach is very high in oxalates. Cooking does help reduce the amount of oxalates a little, but not too much. I'm not particularly sensitive to oxalates but many people are sensitive and… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Bacon and Leek Egg Bake (from go grain-free) post image

Leeks belong to the Allium vegetable family. They have a flavor similar to onion or scallion and similar nutrition profiles. I particularly like them with eggs. This recipe is for the cutest baked egg muffins with a lot of flavor. The bacon is essential to… Click to Continue →

Recipe From Go Grain-Free: Tomato Soup

Recipe From Go Grain-Free: Tomato Soup post image

With the cooler nights and shorter days, comes the last harvest of my tomatoes. I had so many all at once I decided to make tomato soup. Though it was never a favorite of mine, I set out to create a version that did not… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain-Free Salmon Rolls

Recipe: Grain-Free Salmon Rolls post image

I always wanted to make a grain-free sushi roll and when I saw very thick cucumbers at the market, it struck me that I should do it now. It's an interesting treat for those people that have to give up rice. They look very pretty… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Bottom Crusted Artichoke Pie (GF, DF) post image

With the abundance of vegetables coming in right now, it's hard to choose a favorite. However, when I saw those bushels of artichokes at the farmer's market this week they beckoned to me. The first written record of artichokes dates back to the Greek philospher… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain Free Zucchini Blossoms post image

I was at the Farmer's Market the other day and I noticed a box of zucchini flowers. How pretty! Just because I am grain free doesn't mean I can't have a delicacy like this! The woman at the farm stand told me to use bisquick… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Roasted Beet and Fennel Salad with Balsamic Glaze post image

I've often wondered what fennel tastes like, having seen it in the market. I finally decided to try it when I was able to get organic fennel. Fennel is called finocchio in Italian, and finule in Old English. In Greek mythology, Prometheus used the stalk of… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Cultured Apple Sauce

Recipe: Cultured Apple Sauce post image

Before refrigeration many foods were cultured in order to prolong shelf life. What this also did was to add nutritional value to the food by encouraging probiotic growth in the food. Beneficial bacteria are very important to our general health and well being and to… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Probiotic Apple, Carrot and Raisin Chutney From Get Cultured! post image

I am so excited to show you this video of Jenny from Nourished Kitchen making fruit chutney. It is from her awesome class, Get Cultured! How to Ferment Anything. The class is on sale right now through May 22. If you want to start to… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Healthy Homemade Vege Chips

Recipe: Healthy Homemade Vege Chips post image

It's almost an oxymoron to say healthy chips, but wait until you see what these chips are made from and how they are cooked. Appropriate for SCD/GAPS, Paleo,/Primal, we don't use potatoes which are a nightshade vegetable and dangerous for people sensitive to solanine. Oh… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Courgette Al Dente

Recipe: Courgette Al Dente post image

When switching to a grain-free or gluten-free diet one of the hardest foods to give up is pasta. Known as a comfort food, eating pasta is actually quite the opposite for someone with a damaged gut. Pasta is wheat flour and salt. Even in my… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Roasted Eggs

Recipe: Roasted Eggs post image

At this time of year, who doesn't need lots of hard boiled eggs? Here is a novel way to cook eggs that may help you when you have a lot of eggs to hard boil and not enough room in the pot or on top of… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Purple Pickled Eggs

Recipe: Purple Pickled Eggs post image

With Easter just around the corner, this has been on my mind -- eggs pickled in beet kvass. I love beets and beet kvass and I thought the combination of beets and hard boiled eggs would work well. The traditional way to pickle eggs is… Click to Continue →

5 Reasons to Juice and a Basic Juice Recipe post image

Freshly pressed vegetable juices are an important step in moving along with your detoxification. Juicing for health may be traced back to Ayurvedic practices in ancient India. Juicing is a 5000 year old tradition. Experience has shown that the juice of specific fruits and vegetables… Click to Continue →