Op Ed

OP ED: First Hospital to Forbid Dietary Supplements post image

The first hospital to remove dietary supplements from their formulary is the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia -- lead by millionaire vaccine inventor and vaccine advocate Paul Offit. Dr. Offit is Chief of Infectious Diseases at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Maurice R. Hilleman… Click to Continue →

Op Ed: FDA Out To Fry Pastured Eggs

Op Ed: FDA Out To Fry Pastured Eggs post image

The FDA is set to make it much more difficult for farmers to keep laying hens on pasture. They are pushing a guidance document that will make it all but impossible for farmers with 3,000 or more laying hens to keep the birds out on… Click to Continue →

Op Ed: World Food Prize Goes To Criminals post image

I nearly lost it when I read about the recipients of the World Food Prize this year. They are: Robert Fraley a Monsanto Executive; Mary-Dell Chilton, founder of Syngenta Biotechnology and Marc Van Montagu, founder of the Belgium Institute of Plant Technology Outreach. These are… Click to Continue →

Op Ed: Oppositional Editorial — Double Mastectomy post image

This is a new feature where I let off some steam about events related to health and nutrition in the media. This is where I let my inherent sarcasm rise to the surface and splinter the lunacy we call evidence based medicine. The other day… Click to Continue →