Conquer the Sugar Craving Beast: 4 Ways post image

One of the goals for this Detox Challenge is to reduce the use of sugar and sweeteners. Sugar cravings are one of the hardest things to get under control. The bacteria and yeast in the gut feed upon sugar and undigested carbohydrates.  I call them… Click to Continue →

6 Adjuncts to Detoxification

6 Adjuncts to Detoxification post image

There are many natural ways to detox your body. If you have never tried any of the methods suggested below and in the linky, please use common sense and caution as you approach these procedures. Start slowly and gradually work up to the suggested amount… Click to Continue →

Detox Challenge Linky

Detox Challenge Linky post image

Welcome to the special Detox Challenge Linky! This carnival will be open for entries the entire 18 days of the Detox Challenge. Feel free to link multiple great recipes and articles pertaining to detoxification. This page should serve as a resource page for everyone interested… Click to Continue →

Detoxification: 6 Stages of GAPS Introductory Diet post image

Forcing the body to detoxify by fasting and/or using products (many of which have questionable value) can actually be harmful. If protective nutrition is not readily available, the free radicals that are produced can cause oxidation and tissue damage. A slow natural detoxification is more… Click to Continue →

Detox Challenge Signup

Detox Challenge Signup post image

This Detox Challenge is 18 days long and will end March 31. You can start when you are ready -- it doesn't have to be on the first day, today, March 14. Depending upon what you choose to do, you may need a few days… Click to Continue →

Spring Cleaning: Detoxification

Spring Cleaning: Detoxification post image

Spring is coming -- I can feel it in the air and I am itching to clean! I am cleaning my house, my office, my car and I really feel the need to follow some sort of detoxification protocol for my health. There are so… Click to Continue →