Book Review

Book Review: Your Baby’s Microbiome by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford post image

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I am fascinated by the emerging research on the microbiome. Here is a recently released book titled, Your Baby's Microbiome The Critical Role of Vaginal Birth and Breastfeeding for Lifelong Health. Need… Click to Continue →

Book Review: A Mind of Your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan post image

I've been following Dr. Kelly Brogan for several years now and I really love her approach. She is a rebel medical doctor with a science based approach to psychiatric illness – without the use of drugs. It's no wonder her new book was blacklisted by… Click to Continue →

Book Review and Giveaway: A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol by Eileen Laird post image

I've been waiting to read A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol by Eileen Laird of Phoenix Helix, for a while and I am very excited about it! This book is a GPS that will allow those with autoimmune diseases to follow the diet easily so… Click to Continue →

Book Review: The Healing Kitchen and a Recipe! post image

Exciting News! The newest cookbook, The Healing Kitchen book from my friend Sarah Ballantyne at The Paleo Mom  is out! Along with Alaena Haber who blogs at Grazed and Enthused, here is the latest AIP cookbook with 175 recipes that are quick, easy and budget… Click to Continue →

Book Review: The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children post image

My fondest memories of my son are cooking with him as a child. We had such fun! The kitchen looked like Thing 1 and Thing 2 spent the day there, but I would simply pick him up and place him in the next room while I vacuumed… Click to Continue →

Get Help Recovering from Your Autoimmune Illness and a Recipe from The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook by Angie Alt post image

There are so many conditions now under the umbrella of autoimmunity. The basic root is inflammation gone unchecked. There are medications that are used to reduce inflammation, but they are very toxic and dangerous, due to side effects and long term effects. We now know… Click to Continue →

Book Review: The Raw Milk Answer Book by David Gumpert post image

Raw milk is one of the most controversial food items on the market today. As with every aspect of our lives, this matter encompasses issues in health and nutrition as well as politics and economics. Here is a book that finally addresses all these concerns… Click to Continue →

Book Review and Giveaway: Make it Paleo II by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley post image

I was so excited to see that Hayley Mason and Bill Staley just released a new cookbook called Make it Paleo II. I love their other cookbooks for their elegant yet simple recipes. After you read the review, go enter the giveaway for your own… Click to Continue →

Book Review: Everyday Grain-free Baking by Kelly Smith and a Recipe! post image

I was so excited when Kelly told me she had a new grain-free cookbook coming out! I've been following her blog, The Nourishing Home for years and just love her recipes! Not surprisingly, I love the cookbook too! There are over 100 simple, everyday recipes… Click to Continue →

Book Review: Real Life Paleo and Recipe for Pumpkin Pudding! post image

The moment I set eyes on Real Life Paleo by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry, I knew that this is a book that will benefit many many people and help them transition to the Paleo lifestyle. If you have a family and want to make… Click to Continue →

Book Review: Mediterranean Paleo Cooking by Caitlin Weeks and a Recipe! post image

I just received my copy of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking and I am so excited! Caitlin Weeks has teamed up with chef Nabil Boumrar (her husband!) and Diane Sanfilippo to create a gorgeous Paleo cookbook – Mediterranean style! I  love the fusion of Mediterranean cooking with… Click to Continue →

Nourishing Broth: Book Review and Recipe! post image

As we age, the body's production of collagen slows down - which is why making sure you get plenty of collagen in your diet is the best anti-aging strategy you can have. You can take expensive supplements for this, but the cheapest and the best… Click to Continue →

Review and Recipe from The Paleo Approach Cookbook! post image

Knowing all too well the challenges of grain-free cooking and baking, I couldn't imagine the difficulties of cooking and baking without nuts or eggs. Yet, Sarah Ballantyne, in her new cookbook, The Paleo Approach Cookbook accomplishes just that with delicious and nourishing selections. This book… Click to Continue →

Book Review:  The Paleo Approach – Much More Than an Autoimmune Protocol post image

I had been meaning to read Sarah Ballantyne's book, The Paleo Approach for a long time - since it was published. I'm almost done with it now and can't believe what a gift this book is to anyone with any health issue. This book is… Click to Continue →

Book Review: Doctored Results by Ralph Moss post image

After reading The Cancer Industry, years ago, I've always had a very high level of respect for Ralph Moss. I was excited to read his new book, Doctored Results, for this reason. In this book his honesty and concern for human suffering emerge in this… Click to Continue →