Articles about the benefits of eggs, especially when they are from pastured hens.

Pastured Eggs Need No Improvement

There was good news in the health sector recently. Several news items reported that in their latest analysis the USDA has found that eggs actually contain less cholesterol than they did in 2002. In addition, today's eggs have more vitamin D than in 2002. “The American Egg Board attributes the changes to improvements in American farmers' hen feed, which includes a vitamin D supplement." I guess the improvements to hen feed are the GM corn and GM soy that hens are fed. Not to mention the hormones, antibiotics, arsenic and other goodies. Certainly the hens would need a vitamin D supplement because conventional hens are confined and typically never see the light of day, have the ability to run around and forage for bugs, worms or what-have-you, or have the warm sun on their back in order to generate vitamin D naturally.