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May 21

After reading The Cancer Industry, years ago, I’ve always had a very high level of respect for Ralph Moss. I was excited to read his new book, Doctored Results, for this reason. In this book his honesty and concern for human suffering emerge in this expose of the cover-up at Memorial Sloan Kettering over the anti-cancer agent laetrille.

It was the 1970’s and Nixon declared the War on Cancer, by signing the National Cancer Act of 1971. Moss was working at Memorial Sloan Kettering a few years later as a public relations science writer. He came upon the research conducted by the scientist, Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, one of the Center’s oldest and leading research scientists.

The highly respected Dr. Sugiura was considered to be the original co-inventor of chemotherapy. He has had over 250 papers published and has received numerous awards including the highest award, by the Japan Medical Association, for outstanding contributions to cancer research.

The Cover-Up

At the same time, reports about laetrille had been circulating. It is a natural substance obtained from the pit of apricots.

Moss was shocked when he found out that Dr. Sugiura had been studying this supposed quack remedy in mice for many years and getting positive results.

In spite of hundreds, maybe thousands of people demanding more research on laetrille for cancer, Memorial Sloan Kettering and all the other powers such as the FDA, AMA and the pharmaceutical companies, all denied that laetrille showed any positive results and they shut it down.

This has happened before and surely it is happening now with many alternative treatments.

Follow the Money

There is no money in natural therapies, but there is lots of money to be made in chemo-therapeutics, radiation treatments and extensive surgeries.

Now, 40 years after this occurred we are in a much worse situation because there are so many more chemotherapies, more surgeries and different radiation treatments that claim to be less damaging. Maybe they are less damaging, but make no mistake. This is a BIG BUSINESS.

There are multi-billions of dollars at stake here. Check out Cancer’s Shocking Price Tag.

My Personal Experience

Getting a diagnosis of cancer is a frightening and stressful experience. On top of that doctors immediately push you right into some kind of dangerous therapy. Sure, something needs to be done, but not all cancers are fast and furious. It’s really important to quickly become your own advocate and ask questions.

If you are the type of person that needs other opinions, then get them before committing to a therapy.

My father had colon cancer. Sadly, this could have been avoided if he would have had a colonoscopy when he should have. They would have found polyps and removed them. Colonoscopy is one of the best screening tools for colorectal cancer and for any cancer, because we actually save lives from early detection, as opposed to other screening tools such as mammography that may actually cause unnecessary cancers and treatments.

His surgery was simple and according to his surgeon he was cured. The surgeon actually used those words. He may have been cured of the cancer but he experienced episodes of incontinence and diarrhea after the surgery which never went away.

They also decided to give him a low level of chemotherapy over months, which he did.

One year later he had some weird symptoms and had a brain MRI. He had two brain tumors which they later determined were metastases from the colon.

Here is where it gets totally out of control. He had one brain surgery to remove the larger tumor, then radiation to reduce the second tumor. He actually survived that pretty well. However, soon the second tumor grew and he had a second brain surgery.

That disabled him. He couldn’t remember words and couldn’t take care of himself. They still kept treatments going and discovered a third tumor. The surgeon wanted to do another surgery. They did it.

After the third surgery he was essentially a vegetable when he died a few weeks later.

They managed to wrack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care costs. In my opinion, they certainly did not need to do that last surgery and they did not need to keep giving him poisonous treatments.

He was dying. Why not let him die in dignity – not as a vegetable.

This is a personal decision that patients and families should be allowed to make without being rushed into treatment after treatment.

The Cancer Industry

As Ralph Moss calls it – it is the Cancer Industry. Once you are a patient, they throw everything at you until you die or get better. They call it science, but it is based on a science that can be manipulated by people deeply invested in it.

They call anecdotal experiences of patients getting better at low cost and without extraordinary side effects quackery.

As a chiropractor, I’ve had this type of attitude directed at my profession for years – a profession that has helped millions of people when medicine fails. The arrogance is disgusting. But at the end of the day they have to live with themselves.

The book goes on to explain how the results were covered up and how concerned scientists, publicized this to the American people through an underground network called Second Opinion.

This riveting book reads like an action novel and is thought-provoking and provocative. I highly recommend it!

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