Book Review: A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol by Eileen Laird

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Jan 06
Eileen Laird, AIP protocol

I’ve been waiting to read A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol by Eileen Laird of Phoenix Helix, for a while and I am very excited about it!

This book is a GPS that will allow those with autoimmune diseases to follow the diet easily so that their goals can be in reach.

This guide is a simple step-by-step blueprint for making the autoimmune  protocol your own. When you own it – you do it!

A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol

This is not a cookbook – there are several very good AIP cookbooks available. The main thrust of this book is to show you exactly how to implement the AIP diet. It explains the basis for the diet in easy to understand terms. If you want the science behind the diet, you can read Sarah Balantyne’s The Paleo Approach. She has the science well explained in that book.

Eileen’s book is there to show you the ropes, troubleshoot if you are having problems, give support and realistically, offer grounded suggestions on what to do if you are not improving.

Eileen shares her autoimmune history and how she has overcome her severe disease with this protocol. I particularly like the chapter on how to survive a flare. There is some very good advice there that needs repeating. It gives you a method to take back control of your body. In the midst of the frustration, pain and urgency of a flare, one needs to be reminded of the simple steps to take to start the healing process and to stop the cycle of inflammation.

It’s all here, in the book.

Following the AIP protocol does not mean that your food will taste like cardboard. Actually, the allowed foods are awesome with plenty of spices and herbs that can add flavor and nutrition to any meal. There is a chapter all about the spices, herbs and sauces that are allowed and wow! – they are awesome! This opens a door to a whole new way of cooking!

The chapter called Your Body in not Your Enemy is also very well pertinent to anyone with an autoimmune issue. People with a chronic illness often have issues with their body image and body function. This can lead to anger and depression. Eileen gives us a way to view this issue in a more positive and empowering light. I really like that.

The protocol is not a cure, although some folks have had spectacular results. It is a new lifestyle that can put you back in the game and make you healthier than ever!

This guide is a much needed addition to the AIP lexicon with an awesome list of AIP resources as well! Thanks Eileen!

Grab your copy of A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol here.







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