Beyond Broth, Sustainable Living, Real Food Survival Guide, Fertility and Much More!

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I am practically giddy with all the new information I am going to learn from the Summer E-Book Bundle.  I was just browsing through some of the books and I already picked up some great ideas! Here are some of the great tips I picked up from just a few!

I’m also very proud to announce the inclusion of my own new e-book, Beyond Broth. I had a very delicious time preparing this book!

Beyond Broth — Nourishing Homemade Paleo Soups

My new e-book features over 30 recipes for deeply nourishing homemade soups made from homemade bone broths and stocks, including a vegetable stock. Transform your nutrient dense homemade broth into tasty soups that will have your family asking for more!

The addition of just the perfect combination of common vegetables make these soups satisfying without the need for grains or starches. As such, the recipes are all appropriate for Paleo, SCD, GAPs and any grain and starch free eaters.

Gorgeous photos accompany most of the recipes. There is also a guide for your pantry, tools you will need and other important information about broth.

Get Beyond Broth here

Sustainability Start at Home

This book is by Dawn Gifford of Small Footprint Family — this gal REALLY know how to save a buck and reduce our use of resources. Wow! Did you know that if you lower your water temperature from 140 degrees (way too hot anyway!) to 120 degrees, you can save up to $100.00 a year?

Also, if you insulate your water heater and water pipes with a water tank blanket you can will save money because you water heater will work less.

Additionally, if you install a programmable thermostat you can have ti turned down at night and when you are at work. When you automatically regulate the temperature in your house you can reduce you energy use by up to 25% and save up to $300.00 a year!

This book has so much information —  from cleaning products to transportation and composting to buying clubs. Additionally there are tons of tips in the margins to give you lots of good ideas on how to save! I love this book!

Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms

This is by Lindsey Gremont of Homemade Mommy and what a dynamo she is! This book shares how to provide your family with real food from condiments to entres — send you child to school with an incredibly nourishing lunch and much more!

Lindsey teaches us just what is wrong with microwave cooking — do you know anyone who still uses a microwave to cook? I do! They just don’t understand that food should not be put into a microwave at all! Lindsey explain all that and tells us what to do instead.

There is also tons of information on traveling and keeping to a real food diet with children as well as what to order when eating out. This book is full of tips and tricks to keeping it real anywhere you go! A must read!

Feed Your Fertility

This book is by Emily Bartlett LAc of Holistic Squid and Laura Erlich LAc. These gals have really got a great handle on this topic. Their e-book explains all about your cycles from a western and an eastern point of view.

They explain how our toxic environment and our misguided dietary advice interferes with fertility. I experienced infertility problems and I sure wish I had this book in hand back then.

Here, there is good advice on food and importantly, on which specific supplements are important and which are the best quality.

There is also a troubleshooting guide for other health conditions that may interfere with fertility, as well as information on conventional interventions for infertility. If this is a problem for you or for someone you know, this is the book to read!

Get Feed Your Fertility Here

 The 30 Day Heart Burn Solution

This book is by Graig Fear of Fearless Eating. Here, he explains why heartburn is not what we’ve been taught — that is is an excess of acid. To the contrary, heartburn is due to a lack of stomach acid.

In this referenced e-book he gives fantastic explanations about how heartburn and acid reflux develops and exactly what you can do about it.

I’ve treated patients for this very problem in similar ways and I can say it really works. This is a great tool for those who are taking acid blockers — many of whom are still having the problems and suffering the side effects of these medications. This book is a great read!

Click here to view more details

The Sleep Solution — End Your Insomnia Naturally

This book is by Emily Benfit of Butter Believer — she really knows her stuff! She share the science behind sleep and what happens when we sleep, and why we can’t. I need to read this book thoroughly — I have problems sleeping these days.

Emily writes about all the supplements you may have tried — I know I have tried tons of them and most do not work for me — or they work for a few days and then stop working.

She also proposes several things that may surprise you — for example that some people fermented foods may disrupt sleep. Also, that serotonin “is an enemy of sleep”. I was surprised to hear this and look forward to reading the rest of the book.



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