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You do not have to be contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or be in your childbearing years to gain important information from Kristen’s new book, Beautiful Babies. Yes there are some chapters that deal with pregnancy, but there is also a wealth of information that anyone — actually everyone needs to know! This book is not just for the young people — it contain critical information for everyone!

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Did you know that the effects of MSG are cumulative and may be delayed?

Did you know that there are over 40 ingredients that contain MSG and the label can say No MSG ADDED because it is in the other ingredient. From the book,

Lest you think this is all fanciful, it’s important to remember that a number of studies have found that the effects of MSG can occur cumulatively over time with subsequent exposure. For example, a study done with animals found that MSG exposure over a period of 3-6 months led to significant risk for damage to the retinas of the eyes.27 Initially, there was no visible damage, but multiple exposure over a period of time led to the irreparable injury.

Have you heard about pharming?

It’s the use of GMOs to manufacture pharmaceutical compounds. From the book,

Pharming plants poses an altogether different set of risks. Unlike animals, where breeding can be closely monitored, plants tend to breed with the work of the wind, bees, or birds. Cross-contamination between non-GMO and GMO plants is notoriously hard to prevent, despite the best precautions.

Drugs currently being manufactured in crops include (but are not limited to)41:

• vaccines for cholera, anthrax, plague, influenza, hepatitis C, lymphoma, and others
• interferon for liver diseases
• spermicidal antibodies
• insulin

Do you know what is wrong with eating expeller pressed vegetable oil?

It is still a vegetable oil that has a high omega 6 to 3 fatty acid ratio. We know this is bad, but companies in the natural and organic food industries try to sanitize it with these labels. You have to know more in order to not be fooled. Find out in this book.

What’s Wrong with commercially raised meat?

From the book,

We already know we want to keep our polyunsaturated fat intake below 4%, and we want an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio no greater than 4:1.

That right there eliminates almost all industrially-raised meats. You won’t be surprised to learn that a cow fed a diet of corn has an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of roughly 21:1! Similar statistics are found for pigs, chickens, and even farm-raised fish.

Have you been to a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation)?

You would not want to go — the stench is overwhelming. From the book,

But it’s more than the smell, more than the pollution to our air, soil, and water. Factory-farmed meat comes from some of the most sickly and disease-infested animals on our planet, animals with compromised immune systems, animals so sensitive to illness that they’re fed a steady diet of antibiotics. Humans who need to go near them must don space suits. (Technically, they’re called bioprotective suits.)

I’m not making this up.

Do you know what the best milk is?

It’s not organic low fat milk. From the book,

Most industrial milk comes from more recent breeds of cattle producing milk abnormally high in A1 beta casein. A1 beta casein is a slightly different milk protein than the ancestral one common to more traditional breeds of cattle, sheep, goats, and even humans, known as A2 beta casein. Mountains of scientific research have been done on the subject of A1 beta casein, the way our bodies digest it, and the slew of mental and physical disorders it can cause.69

Most industrial milk comes from cows fed a disproportionate amount of grains. The most nourishing milk comes from cows being fed their natural diet of grass — the greener, the better. We’ll discuss this more in the next chapter.

What about eggs?

Unless you are buying eggs directly from a farmer you are most likely buyin eggs from battery hens. From the book,

We used to consider taking care of animals a form of “husbandry,” a humane act of guardianship where we nurtured and protected animals from harm in exchange for the food they produced. Now, the process has been entirely mechanized, and any concern for the authentic health and safety of the hens has been stamped out.

The European Union banned battery cages in 2012, after a 12 year phase out that began after they passed legislation in 1999 against battery cages. They argued that the practice of raising hens in battery cages was inhumane. Particularly offensive were the routine removal of the hens’ beaks, an activity necessitated by the stressed hens constantly attacking and pecking at each other. Needless to say, they also found the inevitable development of osteoporosis in battery hens equally reprehensible. Because movement and exercise in battery hens is so restricted, most hens can not even walk (and can barely stand) on their fragile bones. Battery cages aren’t just brutal, they’re also unhealthy. Confined conditions are a breeding ground for bacteria like salmonella, which can be transmitted through the eggs of the battery hens to the rest of us.

Sugar is another worrisome ingredient abundant in processed foods.

From the book,

When you eat sugar, your body stops burning fat as a fuel source. By eating a diet unnaturally high in refined sugars, we are training our body’s metabolism to store fat.

Not only that, the science regarding refined sugar is quite damning. Dr. Nancy Appleton compiled a long and glaring list of scientific studies done on the effects of eating refined sugar in her book Suicide by Sugar.81 Here are some of the more startling ones:

Are you starting to get the picture?

This book is a must read for EVERYONE. Even for those who know all this stuff — Kristen has studies and research all documented with full references — studies that you probably have not seen. She has done an excellent job of researching all these topics and does not make a statement without backing it up.

I stayed up most of the night reading it and I do consider myself knowledgeable about these subjects. However, the book has lots of new research and Kristen puts a fresh and different spin to things.

Other topic include:

The health of the soil and what chemical pesticides and herbicides do to it

And finally, what you CAN eat, which fats are good, where the meat and dairy should come from with best, second and third  and fourth choices.

Kristen is a realist

She knows that not everyone can access farm fresh foods, so she gives lots of options.

There’s more

The book goes on to explain how to properly prepare traditional foods like grain, nuts and legumes — and how to care for your gut.

Sacred Foods

There is a ton of information on sacred foods for fertility and recipes that show how easy it is to make them.

Morning Sickness

There is also important information of the role of morning sickness and what you can do about it.

Varicose Veins and stretch marks

Common problems in the last trimester, varicose veins and stretch marks are easily treated through diet.

The list continues with important and highly readable information

Kristen covers many other topics that are relevant to health, pregnancy, birth and afterwards such as, breast feeding, homemade formula, babies’ first foods, and plenty of recipes to show you how easy it is. She shares her tricks for managing a real food kitchen — including how she feeds a family of 5 people for under $800.00 a month.

This book should be required reading for all people as it highlights important CORRECT nutrition information and is thoroughly documented with 260 references. I call that a well researched book!

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