Mar 07

Getting Started on Your Real Food Adventure

| Autoimmunity & Healing Diets

It may feel overwhelming when you look at the whole foods, real foods, Weston Price Foundation (WAPF) recommended approach to improving your health. You will notice that almost everything is home cooked, starting from scratch. There are more steps involved in preparing foods, for example, soaking nuts and grains before use. Furthermore, there are foods mentioned that you never even heard of or were informed are bad for you. This is all true.

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Feb 22

Video/Recipe: Gluten-free, Grain-free Crêpes

| Coconut Products

All over the world people make thin, light and wonderfully delicious pancakes called crêpes. This food originated in northwestern France, hence the French name “crêpe”. They can be filled with many things, from meat and savory proteins to very sweet dessert fillings. Traditionally, the recipe involves wheat flour and milk. For those who are gluten-free, […]

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