Announcing the Winner of the GetKombucha Giveaway and a Gift Card!

Announcing the Winner of the GetKombucha Giveaway and a Gift Card! post image

GetKombucha, sponsored this great giveaway of his new and interesting product. It is a Kombucha Extract Kit that includes, Raw Culture Probiotic Drops, Mother Starter Tea Extract, Kombucha Ph Skin Toner, SCOBY Energy Booster Drops, that are all in glass bottles. This is really fascinating to me!Dave at GetKombucha is also offering a gift card with each purchase. Check out how to get this gift card!  And the winner is…

Diane F. #80 who had a very sweet email address! Please contact me at Jill at Realfoodforager dot com with your name and address to claim your prize, within the next 48 hours.

Here are some links that you can use to find out more about these extracts

  • Kombucha Extract, 1 oz glass jar, decaf tea kombucha extract. This is sugar and alcohol free.
  • Kombucha Pro, 1 oz glass jar, of pressed kombucha mushroom culture. This is a probiotic supplement.
  • Kombucha Tonic 1 oz glass jar, kombucha drink extract infused with ginger, onion, garlic, elderberry, siberian ginseng, licorice, and gogi berry. This is a cold & flu kombucha energy shot.
  • Kombucha Toner, 2 oz cobalt blue container with spray dispenser, kombucha extract with certified bulgarian rose water. This is a kombucha skin care product.
  • Kombucha 4 Pack Bundle

How To Use The Extracts

Kombucha Extract (15X) — For those who cannot or will not use any sugar, alcohol or caffeine and do not want to try kombucha because it contains a tiny amount of these elements. Another reason to use the extract is because some people may not want to brew it at home and purchasing it is expensive. It is airport friendly for carry on luggage. It doesn’t need refrigeration either. Squirt a few drops into water or juice and enjoy a kombucha drink!

A proprietary process utilizing distillation keeps the benefits in the tea even though it is gently heated.

Kombucha Tonic – good for immune boosting such as when you have a cold or flu  and it is caffeine, sugar and alcohol free. This small bottle can fit in a pocket. It has infused herbs, such as ginger, chili peppers, garlic and onion to open nasal passages and support the body when it is sick. THere are also gogi berries which area high in vitamin C and Siberian ginseng as an immune booster. It works great as a gargle!

Kombucha Pro — this is a pressed Kombucha extract (pressed SCOBYs) created with no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar. This is also good for traveling, when you just can’t bring your kombucha tea with you.

This should be added when you are using the kombucha extract. The extraction process is a gentle distillation process of heating the kombucha tea — however when you heat it , you lose the probiotics. This extract replaces the lost probiotics in the kombucha extract. This is considered a supplement.

Kombucha Toner — This is a skin product that may be used on all different skin types for toning, moisturizing, balancing, cleansing, etc. to replace other skin products. There are ONLY two ingredients! The Kombucha Extract 15X and 100% steamed Bulgarian rose petals. This creates a real rose water. It is packaged in the lovely cobalt blue bottles. Wow! This really appeals to me. I will definitely be trying this on my skin. And guys love it too!

These are all great as supplements to your home brewing.

How To Get a Gift Card

  • Purchase any of the 4 extract products on and you will receive a $10 virtual gift card to be used on anything at on your next purchase.
  • Purchase the 4 pack bundle, in addition to saving 20% you will receive a $25 virtual gift card to be used on anything at on your next purchase.

Kombucha 4 Pack Bundle

To get the gift cards simply:

1. Make your purchase on

2. Leave a facebook comment on with the link to the product you purchased along with the secret phrase “Dave send me some cool free stuff with my order”.

3.  When the product is shipped you will also receive the virtual gift card in the amount of $10 or $25 based on what was purchased.

ONE GIFT CARD PER CUSTOMER (so you can order as much as you wish, but you can either go with one $25 gift card for the 4 pack bundle or one $10 gift card if you purchase any (or all) of the products separately.

There is no expiration date for this gift card offer!


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