Action Alert: Tell Congress to Oppose the Monsanto Protection Act!

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Sep 20

This past March the aptly nicknamed Monsanto Protection Act was inserted at the last minutes into a funding bill. It was called the Farmer Assurance Provision. This is so deceptive because the only ones assured of anything are the monstrous GMO manufactures like Monsanto.

Overrides Judicial Safeguards to the Food Supply

This bill actually strips the courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of hazardous genetically modified crops while the USDA performs environmental impact statements. This is a huge blow to our justice system and overrides any judicial safeguards to farmers and the eating public.

The bill is sitting in the House, waiting to be pushed through.

After it passed the first time, there was a media frenzy over the Monsanto Protection Act. Millions of emails from the public were sent to Congress. It has been opposed from all sorts of groups from Tea Party groups to liberal groups and everything in between.

The Big Problem

The biggest problem is that the bill allows industrial farms to use GMO seeds without regard for small organic farms around them. The potential for cross contamination of the organic crops by the GMO crops is huge. Earlier this year GMO wheat was found in a field in Oregon, years after use of the GMO seeds had stopped. Japan and South Korea have refused to import our wheat because of fear of GMO contamination. This will only get worse if this bill is passed.

Take Action!

Tell Congress to oppose the Monsanto Protection Act, no matter where it appears!

Take Action

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