A Day To Give Thanks


Nov 24

I sat down to write a post about giving thanks and I realized that my strongest feelings of gratitude, aside from my family,  are towards the board members of the Weston Price Foundation. They are the ones that started the foundation with Sally at the helm in 1999. As she likes to tell us Saturday night at the banquet, the first conference was held in the basement of a church. Now the event has well over 1200 attendees and needs a large conference center.

My next level of gratitude goes to the real food suppliers and farmers for obvious reasons. In this anti-small farm climate we live in I worry about these courageous folks who manage to do the hard work of caring for these animals in a fair and humane manner.

Lastly I am grateful for the real food bloggers and all the other real foodies who I connect with through our common goal. It is so gratifying to  know there are so many other people out there that have the same values. To quote part of the mission statement of the Weston Price Foundation

The board and membership of the Weston A. Price Foundation stand united in the belief that modern technology should be harnessed as a servant to the wise and nurturing traditions of our ancestors rather than used as a force destructive to the environment and human health; and that science and knowledge can validate those traditions.

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