5 Uses for Those Ever-Growing Kombucha SCOBYs!

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Apr 20
kombucha SCOBY. kumbucha

What to do with all those layers of kombucha SCOBY? Here are 5 uses for those ever-growing kombucha SCOBYs!

I’ve been keeping a continuous brew of kombucha now for several years. But my SCOBY grows so fast, I have many extra layers all the time.

Kombucha SCOBY

I have a SCOBY hotel alongside my main 2 gallon container as insurance should my SCOBY suddenly die off.

Thankfully my SCOBY is very healthy and just keeps on keeping on, but after a short while I have to trim off some layers. It’s fascinating to handle the SCOBY and think about what it really is – It’s a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It’s also known as a biofilm. We’ve heard a lot about biofilms that are not beneficial and I’m happy to say that a SCOBY is beneficial!

I just love that, because it can be used for other things beyond making a beneficial drink.

Top 5 alternative uses for extra SCOBYs

1 – Process in a food processor to make a mask for a kombucha facial. I’ve done this several times and while I am not crazy about the smell of vinegar, the facial does wonders for my skin. The organic acids in the kombucha act as a gently peel and take off top layers of dead skin.  It gives a healthy glow. Best of all, it requires you to lie down for 20 minutes or so, relax and pamper yourself for no money at all!

2 – Process in a food processor to break it up and work it into your vegetable garden. You will be amazed at how healthy your soil will become by adding the beneficial organisms from the SCOBY. It also brings the Ph down a bit and this will help the plants grow as well.

3 – Feed it to your pets and other animals. I don’t have animals at home but I have heard that many people will feed it to their chickens and pets and they love it! Why not give your pets beneficial organisms!

4 – You can also dehydrate the SCOBY to make a jerky type of snack. You probably want to soak the SCOBY in some kind of marinade or sauce first so that it picks up a flavor.

5 – Share the SCOBY with friends and neighbors and feel good about reaching out to them with something that can improve their health! I’ve had friends that were able to finally kick the soda habit and replaced it with kombucha! That is awesome!

What do you do with your extra SCOBYs? Leave a comment and let me know!



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