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Jan 16

There are many problems that are addressed by switching to a Paleo diet. A New E-Book from Paleo Parents called 3 Phase Paleo will help.

Are you suffering from health problems that don’t seem to go away? Wouldn’t you rather learn how to nourish your body with real food instead of taking a medication with potential long term affects?

If you are determined to improve your health, you need to take a look at this book.

These guys have one heck of a success story! No wonder they are so prolific with their fabulous recipes and cookbooks! Stacey and Matthew lost over 180 pounds (together) and regained their health after suffering from exhaustion, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, depression and debilitating seasonal allergies. That kind of success can happen to you when you follow their simple program.

3 Phase Paleo

3 Phase Paleo is more than a cookbook. It is primarily an instructional guide to successfully implementing and following a Paleo diet in 3 easy steps. Stacy and Matthew make it so easy by literally spelling out what you need to do.

Phase 1 gives instruction on how to clean up your pantry and kitchen. Depending upon where you are starting from, this can be relatively easy, or kind of hard. The book instructs you on how to start small and work your way into the diet with as little anxiety as possible.

The first Phase eliminates gluten, refined sugar and processed foods. I’m all for that.

There is a Food Swap Chart, which shows you which foods you need to ditch with a healthier choice instead. There is a printable Grocery Shopping List for ease in use. There is a Going Out Guide that will help you make better choices for you and your family when eating out.

Phase 2 allows you to gradually become grain-free. This is a very good method of gradually eliminating the offending foods and learning how to add in the new healthy foods. Over time you will eliminate all grains, dairy, legumes and processed oils.

Phase 3 promotes the important traditional healing foods such as broths, fermented foods, gelatin, and even organ meats. I could use some help with organ meats…


There is advice on lifestyle choices like stress management, movement, sleep and outdoor living.

Stocking a Paleo Pantry

You can see that there are many much healthier items you can chose from. There are suggestions for every conceivable substitution you can think of from sweeteners to snacks to nut butters.

Gut Health

Phase 3 is all about healing a leaky gut with food. This is all about eating high quality foods that have all the nutrients we need.

You Can Do This

If you still don’t think you can do this, the recipes will convince you that you can and that your family will love you for it! The choices are amazing! From pumpkin waffles to pankococonut fish sticks to pizza egg cups to bacon wrapped meatballs. Who canresist bacon anything?

If I know anything about the Paleo Parents, I know they are fabulous cooks — their book Beyond Bacon has become a favorite in my house. I trust that these recipes are just as good!

The recipes are clearly written with kid friendly, mouth watering photos of all the food. The whole family can be involved in this book and in making these fantastic meals! And that is where success is practically guaranteed. When you get everyone involved, from the youngest to the oldest, it is a sure thing and so much fun for the family.

I know my family has a ton of fun when we cook our meals together — kids love following recipes — a math and science lesson right there!

The recipes are indexed by phases 1, 2 and 3 and also as nut-free and egg-free. Additionally, there is an awesome Resource page where you can find all the ingredients you need.

 Grab 3 Phase Paleo here





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