November 2016

Recipe: Grain Free Chocolate Chip Squash Cupcakes (Paleo, GAPS) post image

This week I made an abundance of winter squash and realized I've never combined it with cacao. What a great way to offer a grain free child a healthy treat! There are some people who shun any attempts to hide vegetables in other foods like… Click to Continue →

Real Food – Paleo Black Friday Sales that you Shouldn’t Miss! post image

It's Black Friday and time to cash in on the amazing sales all weekend long! For those of you on special diets this is a good time to purchase some of the resources and tools that will make your life so much easier! - it… Click to Continue →

The New Cholesterol Test That Shows Important Risk Information post image

Your doctor sends you for a lipid profile and when it comes back, your doctor tells you your cholesterol is high and you need to go on a statin or you will have a heart attack. Trick question – do you go on the statin… Click to Continue →

Seasonal Thanksgiving Holiday Recipes – Real Food and Grain Free Paleo post image

Each year I try to incorporate some old favorite recipes and some new recipes on holidays. Here are some of my old favorites and some new recipes that use only real food ingredients and many are grain-free and appropriate for SCD and GAPS! When you… Click to Continue →

Why I NEVER Use Products with Fragrance

Why I NEVER Use Products with Fragrance post image

If you smell it, you are exposed to it. That's what my organic chemistry teacher admonished us in the lab many years ago. We knew it then and we know it now – fragrances in cleaning products, cosmetics and other personal care products contain hundreds… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Sweetened Shoestring Root Vegetables (Paleo, GAPS, SCD, AIP) post image

It's a beautiful, clear, crisp fall day – one of those days that smell of the earth and soil. If you are eating seasonally this is the time for all those wonderful root vegetables! This past Rosh Hashonna – the Jewish celebration of the new… Click to Continue →

Grab my Grain Free Paleo Snacks and 29 Other Books FREE Through November 10! post image

If you are into health and fitness you don't want to miss out on this FREE bundle! Consider it an early holiday gift for you! My friends at Buck Books have put together an epic bundle of health and fitness books. Unlike other book bundles… Click to Continue →