October 2016

Recipe: Raspberry-Lemon Gelatin Gummies

Recipe: Raspberry-Lemon Gelatin Gummies post image

This time of year brings us face to face with tons of toxic candy. When my son was little I asked him to turn his candy in to me and get something better – homemade treats and/or non-food treats. This is a healthy candy for… Click to Continue →

My CRAZY Blogging Journey and How I Keep Up post image

When I first started blogging, I knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. I thought it was silly – people writing about their little lives and what they did that day... Until I had a life changing epiphany at a Weston Price Foundation Conference. They had a… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Super Tender Grassfed Rump Roast (Paleo, SCD, GAPS, AIP) post image

It takes just one cool day in autumn to make me think about making a savory roast. I sourced a grassfed rump roast on sale that has been sitting in my freezer. Time to make an incredibly tender, melt-in-your mouth roast! The windows are wide… Click to Continue →

Nurture Your Cardiovascular Health – Nurture Your Microbiome post image

It is well known that reduced gut bacterial diversity is the critical aspect of the microbiome that has been associated with human disease. A new study explores another aspect to supporting your microbiome. This concept of the lack of gut bacterial diversity has been implicated… Click to Continue →

My Dental Implant Update

My Dental Implant Update post image

I had a tooth pulled and was wavering in my decision for its replacement. Many readers have contacted me about what I did and how it is going. I waited to write this update to see how things have turned out. Well, here is my… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Spicey Fermented Ginger Carrots post image

As much as I try, I just can't get myself to like sauerkraut. Actually, I hate it. That said, there are other ways to enjoy the benefits of fermented vegetables without using cabbage! This Spicey Ginger Carrots recipe is a prime example. I LOVE the… Click to Continue →