September 2016

Recipe: Grain Free Blueberry Plantain Breakfast Bars (Paleo, Nut Free) post image

Fresh organic blueberries are out of season now, but you can use frozen organic blueberries for this recipe and that is what I recommend. Frozen organic blueberries are much cheaper than fresh and perfect for baking! I love using plantains in baking, because they provide… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Continuous Kombucha

Recipe: Continuous Kombucha post image

When I first started making kombucha I started small, with this Basic Kombucha recipe. However, I quickly realized I needed more kombucha, more frequently and wanted to try the continuous method, which is so much easier! Since we are only 2 people in the house… Click to Continue →

Why I Went Grain Free and 5 Reasons to Quit Grains post image

Early in my practice I realized that supplements alone would not help people with serious chronic conditions like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, cancer, etc. These problems have to be evaluated from many angles, with the basic building blocks (or rebuilding blocks I should say) residing… Click to Continue →

The Microbiome Revolution

The Microbiome Revolution post image

It has been said that the number of microbial cells outnumber our human cells by a factor of 10 to 1. However, that ratio has recently been exposed as an incorrectly calculated figure. The real ratio is probably closer to 1.3 to 1 microbes to… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Kohlrabi Soup (Paleo, GAPS, AIP)

Recipe: Kohlrabi Soup (Paleo, GAPS, AIP) post image

Have you seen kohlrabi in the market? It is a root vegetable that looks like a cross between a martian and a turnip. I was able to source organic kohlrabi at the Farmer's Market this weekend and thought I would put it in soup! Kohlrabi… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Chocolate Squash Mini Cupcakes (Paleo, GAPS) post image

It takes just one rainy day and I start to get that craving for winter squash. This time I cooked an acorn squash and used it to bake these cute little mini cupcakes for a treat! When baking with coconut flour, you always need something… Click to Continue →