August 2016

Recipe: 3 Ingredient Tomato Sauce in 12 Minutes! post image

If you have a home garden you must have an abundance of tomatoes coming in now – as I do. Although I love to eat them raw, I had so many I had to cook some of them. I quickly whipped up this amazing tomato… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Grain Free Breakfast Oatmeal (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, AIP Option) post image

Many moons ago, before we started the SCD, oatmeal was the daily breakfast. How difficult it was to give that up! Now, after years of eating eggs for breakfast, we are ready for some variety. This Grain Free Breakfast Oatmeal recipe has the taste and… Click to Continue →

10 Essential Oils for Better Sleep

10 Essential Oils for Better Sleep post image

Because of my chemical sensitivities, I have been very reluctant in trying to use essential oils. However, I have since done quite a bit of research and importantly, have tried several different oils. Amazingly I have found that, not only can I tolerate some of… Click to Continue →

Insomnia? Hack Your Sleep Issues!

Insomnia? Hack Your Sleep Issues! post image

Much has been written about the 4 pillars of health: Sleep; Nutrition; Exercise and Stress Mitigation. The emphasis is usually on nutrition – however, some practitioners believe that sleep is the single most important hack for optimum health. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies shift… Click to Continue →