March 2016

Artificial Sweeteners – Bad for Brain, Blood Sugar and Gut Bacteria post image

If you thought using an artificial sweetener would help prevent weight gain and diabetes, think again. Studies show the very negative effects these artificial sweeteners have not only on the brain, but also on the microbiome and glycemic control! The most commonly used artificial sweeteners… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries (Paleo)

Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries (Paleo) post image

After a holiday meal I always have plenty of leftover sweet potatoes! These days there are so many different types of sweet potatoes to choose from! These sweet potato fries are a real treat and so healthy too! Be sure to use a good, clean… Click to Continue →

Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia Finally Classified as Autoimmune! post image

When I first started practicing, the medical community did not recognize chronic fatigue. They told patients, it's all in your head. As nutritionists/chiropractors, of course we helped patients with adjustments and good nutrition and helped them realize they were not crazy. Now, not only is… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Ginger Sweet Potato Muffins (Paleo) post image

Sometimes I have a few left over sweet potatoes that I love to use in baking! When you are baking grain-free, it's always good to use up leftover vegetables in the batter because that makes it moist. These muffins will please anyone that eats! Using… Click to Continue →

New Study: Gluten Implicated in Weight Gain and Inflammation post image

I've noticed in my patients and myself that eating gluten encourages and supports weight gain and difficulty in losing weight. Now, a new study published in the International Journal of Obesity, March 2016, observes this very issue. Here is a study that uses a methodology… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Arugula with Bacon and Shallots post image

There is so much research on how nutritious leafy greens are – in fact I recently wrote about a new discovery of Why Leafy Greens are Great for Gut Bacteria. Beyond that, arugula has a lot of nutrition. Make sure you eat the leafy greens… Click to Continue →

Green Tea: An Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Tool post image

All tea – green, black and oolong, come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Green tea is made from unfermented leaves, black tea is made from fermented leaves and Oolong tea leaves are partially fermented. It's the processing that makes the difference. While green tea… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Crab Cakes (Paleo)

Recipe: Crab Cakes (Paleo) post image

Fancy, yet simple, crab cakes are a fun treat for family and friends. When Dr. Weston Price studied traditional cultures, he found that the healthiest were the ones who had access to seafood. I make it a point to eat plenty of seafood all week… Click to Continue →

Feed Your Microbiome – Top 10 Fermented Food Recipes post image

For years the Weston Price Foundation has been talking about eating more fermented foods and now it is becoming mainstream. More and more clinicians are supporting this idea and word is getting out to many more people. In honor of the Microbiome Medicine Summit that… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Sauerkraut with Daikon and Garlic post image

One of the most nutritious, yet basic fermented foods is sauerkraut. When fermented, the lowly cabbage is packed with nutrients. Add Daikon and garlic and you have a tasty treat! I'm really in love with Daikon radish as it adds a bit of spice to… Click to Continue →

New Discovery: Why Leafy Greens are Great for Gut Bacteria post image

It turns out that leafy greens are good for much more than the things we usually think of – providing minerals and phytonutrients. It has been recently discovered that there is a special sugar in leafy greens that feed our beneficial gut bacteria and protect… Click to Continue →