February 2016

Glyphosate: An Assault on Your Microbiome

Glyphosate: An Assault on Your Microbiome post image

The rise in chronic inflammatory diseases has emerged along with the increasing use of the chemical glyphosate (over 300 million pounds a year) – the main pesticide in Monsanto's Roundup. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup. It is a non selective herbicide that was… Click to Continue →

GBS Screening: An Assault on Pregnant Women and Their Newborns post image

As if health officials and medical doctors recommending flu vaccines for pregnant women, and now, the TDaP during pregnancy (and to all potential caregivers of the newborn), wasn't enough, a further assault on pregnant women involves the screening for Group B Strep (GBS). The routine… Click to Continue →

The Future of Medicine is the Microbiome

The Future of Medicine is the Microbiome post image

The Human Genome Project has identified the twenty thousand (+) genes in the human body. However, you may be shocked (or surprised) to find out that this project also informed us that there are 10 times that amount of bacterial DNA in each and every… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Paleo Apple Tart (SCD, GAPS)

Recipe: Paleo Apple Tart (SCD, GAPS) post image

There really is no "right" season for an apple tart. It's appropriate any time of the year. This apple tart will impress your guests and complies with grain free, Paleo eating! Doesn't it look professional? There is one special pan you need – a tart… Click to Continue →

New Flu Vaccine Targets Seniors with a Powerful (and Toxic) Adjuvant post image

This season a new influenza vaccine was approved by the FDA that is targeted to those aged 65 and over. It was formulated to provoke a stronger immune response in the elderly, by adding an adjuvant called squalene oil. Although squalene is a naturally occurring… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Recipe: Roasted Fingerling Potatoes post image

I don't usually eat white potatoes, but these organic fingerlings were beckoning to me at the farmer's market this week. Once in a great while I might eat white potatoes. Even if you don't tolerate them, your guests may really love them! These fingerlings fall… Click to Continue →

10 Tips To Help Your Picky Eater

10 Tips To Help Your Picky Eater post image

One of the most frustrating experiences as a parent is to have a picky eater. As the parent, you don't want to force your child to eat things that you know their growing bodies need, but you also don't want to enable them to continue… Click to Continue →

Top 10 Paleo Valentine Treats That Beat Toxic Commercial Candy! post image

Are you worried about all the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in all the commercial candy and chocolate these days? Well, you should be. Aside from all the additives, that candy is made from genetically modified corn and laced with glyphosate pesticides that work like… Click to Continue →

Bacteriophages: New/Old Weapon Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria post image

Due to the emerging crisis of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the biotech world is reaching out to bacteriophages – viruses retrieved from sewers and other dirty waterways – for their bacteria killing abilities. These phages are natural killers of bacteria and have been used in Russia… Click to Continue →

Get Your FREE Paleo E-Bundle Here! Over $1,000 in Value! Yes, it is FREE! post image

I want to make sure you don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to get over 70 Paleo resources – books, meal plans, guides on natural living, and tons more, all for FREE thanks to the guys over at PaleoDork.com. This one is amazing and… Click to Continue →