January 2016

Recipe: Cassava Flour Rollout Cookies (Paleo, AIP) post image

Holiday are special times that call for special treats. Just because you are on a restricted diet doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy certain treats. Here's a recipe that uses cassava flour for those on a Paleo or AIP diet. I used to love to… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Pulled Short Ribs (Paleo, SCD, GAPS, AIP) post image

Exactly what you need on a freezing winter day spent outside shoveling snow – the hearty, yet fragrant aroma of savory braised beef, flooding your senses the moment you walk in the door. It's chow time! This is a meal that I reserve for those… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Decadent Triple Chocolate Flourless Brownies (Paleo, GF, DF) post image

Just one look at these brownies and you will say "decadent"! And they are. But, they have no flour and they are not overly sweet. It's all about the chocolate. If you have a gluten-free, dairy-free child – this is the perfect treat for upcoming… Click to Continue →

Announcing the Winner of A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol! post image

This guide is a simple step-by-step blueprint for making the autoimmune  protocol your own. When you own it – you do it! And the winner is... Maria t (gmail) Congratulations Maria. Please contact me within 48 hours in order to claim your prize. This is… Click to Continue →

New Study: Food Additives Weaken Tight Junctions and Contribute to Leaky Gut post image

In a study published in the journal Autoimmunity Reviews,  in 2015, researchers have established the connection between the consumption of processed food and autoimmune disease. Since Dr. Fasano identified the three factors needed in the perfect storm of autoimmunity, leaky gut has become a household… Click to Continue →

Recipe: One Ingredient Apricot Jam (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, AIP) post image

Apricot jam doesn't have to be sweetened with sugar. It is inherently sweet so there is no need for further sweetening! Apricots have such a brief season I usually miss it entirely so I love to get some organic, unsulfured, dried apricots for a treat… Click to Continue →

Book Review and Giveaway: A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol by Eileen Laird post image

I've been waiting to read A Simple Guide to the AIP Protocol by Eileen Laird of Phoenix Helix, for a while and I am very excited about it! This book is a GPS that will allow those with autoimmune diseases to follow the diet easily so… Click to Continue →

Recipe: Tender Grassfed Brisket with Mushroom Gravy (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, AIP) post image

This is a made-from-scratch recipe for a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth tender roast. I have come to the conclusion that of all the cuts of beef for a roast, I love brisket the most. There are many ways to make brisket, but having enough gravy is key… Click to Continue →