A Win for the Raw Milk Freedom Riders

raw milk freedom riders milk & cookies rally in front of the FDA
A Toast to Raw Milk Freedom

In the past, the FDA has said it considers any transport of raw milk across state lines to be a violation of interstate commerce. On November 1st the Raw Milk Freedom Riders purchased raw milk in Pennsylvania ( a state that allows the sale of raw milk) and transported it to Maryland (a state that prohibits the sale of raw milk). This protest was in response to the investigation and allegations against Pennsylvania Amish farmer Daniel Allgyer in 2010 and 2011 and the infiltration of a Maryland buyer club by the FDA.

As reported by David Gumpet, on his blog, The Complete Patient,

The protest leaders, Karine Bouis-Towe and Liz Reitzig, called the 14-vehicle transport caravan the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, and the demonstration that followed, with more than 200 attendees, in front of FDA Silver Spring headquarters the Raw Milk and Cookies Rally. (And both the milk and home-baked cookies at the event were wonderfully delicious.

Amazingly, the FDA issued a press release the same day as the mid-day ride of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders (November 1, 2011), stating that they have no intention of taking action against individuals buying raw milk and taking it over state lines, as long as it is for their consumption only.
With respect to the interstate sale and distribution of raw milk, the FDA has never taken, nor does it intend to take, enforcement action against an individual who purchased and transported raw milk across state lines solely for his or her own personal consumption.
Many people were thrilled with this statement as it seems to be a step in the right direction. The FDA actually acknowledged that some people prefer raw milk but they cautioned about health risks especially for the immune compromised, children and pregnant women. It seems that they are edging towards a more educational viewpoint as opposed to their previous emphasis on enforcement.
Clearly, this is a bad law. It is one that thousands of moms have to break each week in order to feed their families fresh wholesome food. Are these moms criminals? What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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  • John Amrhein

    Great to hear this protest was a success!!!

  • Heather G

    Glad to hear the protest was successful but I have two rhetorical questions that come to mind:
    1) Does this mean that the FDA will stop persecuting people who legally sell raw milk to consumers who take it across state lines for personal consumption?
    2) Is this softer stance an attempt at fixing the PR problem they created with the armed raids over the past couple years in order to later restrict, or outright ban, it completely later?

  • http://realfoodforager.com Jill

    Hi Heather,
    This means that the FDA does not plan to go after those who purchase milk in one state and bring it to another.Nothing was said about the sellers. I guess time will tell as to whether or not they are trying to fix their PR problem.

  • http://www.beyondthepeel.net Beyondthepeel

    That’s so great. Now if only we could see some progress in Canada!

  • http://www.beyondthepeel.net Beyondthepeel

    That’s so great. Now if only we could see some progress in Canada!

  • http://thecottageonpilgrimsfarm.blogspot.com jean

    Truly amazing. Doesn’t the FDA have better things to do like, make a stand against cigarettes that are killing people everyday and beer abuse by drivers who commit manslaughter with their vehicles? Let’s see…how many people are dying from raw milk?

  • Jon

    I am so pleased to hear this news.  However, because of ALL the other actions of the government, I can not help but doubt their ultimate agenda. In other words, could this be a Trojan Horse?  I wouldn’t be surprised.
    I long for fresh, raw, warm milk like that which I received when growing up.
    Yes, I had mumps, measles and rubella about 55 years ago.  When I was first pregnant, the doctor ordered tests for such.  The results?  “You have enough natural immunity to sink a battleship.” 
    The aforementioned were not comfortable but the results of developing natural immunity for life will never be equaled by the pharmaceutical companies.
    Sorry, I’m off topic.  However, please note there has never been a death attributed to drinking raw milk.  There may have been some sickness because the farmer was not following careful cleanliness guidelines.  “Know your farmer.”     BUT
    When you compare these almost insignificant sicknesses to the death rate from properly administered medications (100,000+) per year it would seem impossible that the regulating agencies could not understand the differences, and yet, they do.
    Bottom line?  Follow the money.

  • http://realfoodforager.com Jill

    Hi Jon,
    So true. Follow the money. It may be a Trojan horse – I guess time will tell. Pathetic that we are so pessimistic about out own government.

  • Laurie Neverman

    My husband (the troublemaker), said they should have started buying milk from each other, just to see what the FDA would do then…

    Glad they didn’t get busted, but I suspect that was more FDA PR then real policy.  Still, it’s more positive publicity for raw milk.

  • Anonymous

    I am assuming you have access to a grass fed clean cow or you wouldn’t drink raw milk.  That said….can I have some?  I live in the city and I don’t know how to even find some that I would trust.  We have lots of dairys around here but….yikes….no thanks.  

  • http://realfoodforager.com Jill

    Hi Susan,
    Yes, you can get fresh grassfed raw milk by contacting a Weston Price Foundation chapter leader in your area. Raw milk must be from pastured cows and appropriately handled.