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I am so excited to announce a new class presented by Kristen of Food Renegade. This class is for you if you are hampered with infertility problems. This class is for you if you just want the truth about how to nourish your precious baby with the best food possible. This class is for you if you want information about how to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. I wish I had taken this class before I was pregnant!

I was burdened with infertility problems and had to go through very expensive, time consuming and humiliating treatments with potentially adverse health effects. At times I felt like I was on an assembly line. Then there was the heartbreak when the treatments didn’t work. All the while, time was marching on and I was getting older, making matters worse.

If I would have known then what I know now; if I would have had this powerful nutrition knowledge, back then, I think things would have turned out differently. Thankfully, I did get pregnant and have a wonderful 17 year old son. But still, I can’t help thinking that if I would have had the correct nutrition knowledge, I would not have needed those horrible treatments and both my baby and I would have been so much healthier.

At the time I was a nutritionist, but back then, I believed what the “diet dictocrats” were saying about fats, soy, grains, everything. I fell for their rhetoric hook, line and sinker.

I was following the low fat, low cholesterol, high carb, vegetarian mantra. I thought whole grain cereals, tofu and soy milk was the way to go. Unfortunately, the Weston Price Foundation did not exist yet.

It’s no wonder I couldn’t maintain a pregnancy! My body was not making enough hormones because there was not enough cholesterol and fat as the basic building block!

When I look back at those days I just wish I had the correct nutrition information I have today. I wish there had been a class like Beautiful Babies!

You can have all that information and more in this class.

Watch this short video that explains a little about the class.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Why soy can prevent pregnancy
  • How eating a low-fat diet makes you 85% more likely to be infertile
  • How to successfully breastfeed your baby, and why it’s so important
  • Information about gentle, natural birth alternatives
  • What to do if breastfeeding doesn’t work for you (and it’s not commercial formula!)
  • Why babies shouldn’t eat cereal (they can’t digest it!)
  • How and when to introduce baby’s first foods

Register now and save $50.00. You must register on or before October 31st and pay just $149.00

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Here’s how the savings break down:

  • Beautiful Babies Online Class:  $199.00
  • Sign up on or before October 31 and Save $50.00  $199.00  $149.00
  • Use the Discount Coupon BEAUTIFUL20 before October 22 and Save $20.00: $149.00  $129.00

Total Savings: $70.00

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Sign up now!

This will be the ONLY coupon available and it will expire on October 22 — no exceptions.

Register here for this extremely valuable class. This tiny investment for critical information that can ensure the health of you and your baby will bring you many many happy returns. There is no greater gift than a healthy child.

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