February 2011

Recipe: Gluten-Free SCD/GAPS Coconut Banana Pancakes post image

How many meals or snacks can you create with bananas? In my house, we always have quite an array of bananas, in various stages of readiness. We like our bananas quite ripe, rippled with brown spots; so delightful. When the bananas are at this peak… Click to Continue →

All over the world people make thin, light and wonderfully delicious pancakes called crêpes. This food originated in northwestern France, hence the French name "crêpe". They can be filled with many things, from meat and savory proteins to very sweet dessert fillings. Traditionally, the recipe… Click to Continue →

Fat monkeys = healthier humans?

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. On the front page of Sunday's NY Times (2-20-11), there was an article about the research on obesity in monkeys. The researchers are actually inducing obesity in the monkeys in order to study weight loss in… Click to Continue →

How appropriate that the Weston Price Foundation orchestrated a very interesting press conference on Valentine's Day (the day of the heart) in Washington DC. to publicize and refute the newly revised USDA Food Guidelines. (Watch the video here). After all, for the past thirty years… Click to Continue →