Recipe: Grain-Free Shortbread Drizzled with Chocolate

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Jan 05

If you are looking for a hands on recipe, this is the one for you. This is a great recipe to make with your kids as they will love getting their little hands immersed in the batter. It is simple, yet incredibly tasty and a great introduction to grain-free baking for you and your whole family!

When you go grain-free, many folks need replacements for all the starchy foods they have been eating. They also miss things that are crunchy. This simple recipe is a good way to convince your family that going grain-free will still provide them with some of the foods they love.

The ingredients are all healthy alternatives to the gluten and sugary snacks out on the market. This shortbread is delicious and has nutrition so don’t feel guilty if you want to eat the whole pan!

We loved this recipe for shortbread from Our Nourishing Roots and used it for inspiration. After all, how different can a grain-free shortbread be?

Grain-Free Shortbread Drizzled with Chocolate

Ingredients for the Shortbread

Ingredients for the Topping



  1. In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients with a fork
  2. Place half of the pieces of ghee or butter along with all the honey and mix with your hands
  3. The technique should be a kneading technique where you are breaking up the pieces of ghee or butter into smaller bits and mixing
  4. Add the vanilla here
  5. The goal is to have pea sized pieces of ghee or butter in the dough; add more ghee or butter and continue to knead the dough to get a pliable consistency
  6. Prepare the pan by thoroughly coating with coconut oil (really well or it will stick)
  7. Place the dough into the pan and pack the dough evenly into the pan with your hands
  8. Use the salt shaker and sprinkle the top with as much salt as you like (we like ours salty)
  9. Bake at 300 degrees F for 25 minutes — check and add a few more minutes (6 – 10) until the edges start to brown
  10. While still warm use a pizza wheel or a knife cut the squares around 3/4″ (or however large you like)
  11. Let cool in pan

Instructions for topping

  1. Drizzle the chocolate over the square and let set in the refrigerator for one hour before serving

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes

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