Beautiful Babies: Last call for Steep Discount

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The steep discount for the Beautiful Babies new online class has been extended to November 15th. Don’t delay! This class is for you if you are burdened with infertility problems. You need this class if you just want the truth about how to nourish your precious baby with the best food possible. You need this class if you want information about how to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. You need this class if you want to know what foods are the best possible choices for babies first foods. I wish I had this class when I needed it!

When my son was an infant he was breast fed. But when it came time to introduce foods the only information I had was the usual and customary. I did start him on pureed vegetables and then fruits. I also remember making organic pureed spinach and saving it in ice cube trays. That was OK. But I also started him on rice cereal from the health food store thinking this was a good thing.

In the Beautiful Babies class you will learn just what foods really provide nutrition and which foods have anti nutrients in them or substances that may irritate a fragile developing digestive system. The information you will receive is based on traditional ways of feeding infants that go back generations, to the time before our food supply was contaminated.

There’s a reason why so many children have learning and behavior problems. The toxins in our environment and food affect children and infants much more severely than adults. It is critical to give an infant the best food possible from the start to ensure a healthy, happy child.

Don’t miss this class. If I could do it over again, I would certainly start here.

Here is a sneak peek into the first lesson:

Lesson 1: Why Nutrition Matters

With every pregnancy, there’s a standard bit of advice for what mothers-to-be should put in their bodies. Take prenatal vitamins. Avoid caffeine. Try not to eat too much junk. Avoid raw cheeses and cold lunch meats. Don’t drink alcohol.

Everyone knows nutrition matters.

But these bits of advice all tell us how to avoid devastating deformities and abnormalities. The prenatal vitamins are so that your baby doesn’t get rickets or spina bifida. Avoiding alcohol keeps your baby’s appearance and development normal so that she doesn’t get fetal alcohol syndrome. Avoiding raw cheeses and cold lunch meats keep you from contracting listeria and the host of potentially deadly problems that can go with it if you’re pregnant.

Is it such a stretch to imagine that nutrition can do more than just prevent these tragedies? If really poor nutrition can cause the facial abnormalities associated with fetal alcohol syndrome, is it such a stretch to imagine that really excellent nutrition can cause perfectly proportioned faces?

Register now and save $50.00. You must register on or before November 15 and pay just $149.00

Here’s how the savings break down:

  • Beautiful Babies Online Class:  $199.00
  • Sign up on or before November 15 and Save $50.00  $199.00  $149.00

Total Savings: $50.00

Sign up now!

Register here for this extremely valuable class. This tiny investment for critical information that can ensure the health of you and your baby will bring you many many happy returns. There is no greater gift than a healthy child.

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